Thursday, February 18, 2010

Passion Trumps Logic

Swimming consumed my life for, well basically my entire life. So now that I'm retired it makes sense that it consumes my life for a few days every year. This weekend encompasses a few of those days. I become a Psycho-Swim-Alumni (traits I learned from a Psycho-Swim-Dad) just in time for the Big Ten Conference. This year at Purdue!

If you follow me on Twitter, or are a friend of mine of Facebook you know. EVERYTHING has been about swimming and the Boilermaker Swimmin' Women for the past couple of days. I just can't get enough. What I wouldn't give to put my blood, sweat and tears on the line-- to leave it all in the pool-- again.

And the Purdue Team is swimming AMAZING. Better than they ever have. I watched the meet online tonight, and through the poor quality video I could see that Purdue has something none of the other teams have in the Big Ten. When someone swims great, everyone runs to their lane to hug them after a race. The Boilermakers are serious, but they smile and laugh. It's great to watch, and I can't wait to see it live tomorrow and Saturday. I can't wait to see what the great swims these women have left. I can't wait.

One of the girls on the team had this quote up on her facebook page. I don't know where it came from, and I don't mean to plagiarize but I want to share it:

"The other guy may in fact be the favorite. The odds may be stacked against you. Fair enough, but what the odds don't know is this isn't a math test. This is a completely different kind of test, one where passion has a funny way of trumping logic."

I found the above image from the Purdue website.

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