Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl+Twitter=Awesome

I thought it was a great SuperBowl. A good mix of good commercials, plus a pretty good game. But social media makes things that much more interesting.

And (since I am a Bears fan at heart) even though I would have been happy with a Colts win--living in Indianapolis and all, I'm glad it was the Saints in the end. However Indy is going to be a rather grumpy city tomorrow... and I'm not looking forward to that.

This year I tried to glance at Twitter every so often throughout the game, and let me tell you... there are some pretty clever people out there that can make a great point in 140 characters or less. Here's the highlights of my twitter feed throughout the game:

(@Mental_floss) In case you missed the update at the bottom of that last link, the SB XLIV loser's apparel is being donated to earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

(@EvanStrange) Good for NO. Colts are saving up for their home field advantage in 2012 anyway. Great game #sb44

(@chelsaya) fist pumping the lombardi trophy. Take notes cast of jersey shore, you've just been upstaged

(@BrianNeudorff) That is great to see @drewbrees and his son. What a moment. From this colts fan, congrats Saints #sb44

(@ncroal) Never bet against the Kardashians, people.

(@YahooSportsNFL) Unreal: A louisianan (Manning), tried to throw to a Louisianan (Wayne) & it was picked off and returned for TB by a louisianan (Tracy Porter)

(@Genuine) RE: Pepsi. They opted out of Super Bowl in favor of social media/ social good campaign "Refresh Everything"

(@Jojeda RT) @joshlewis: Steph saw Google's ad and said, "He should've hit 'I'm feeling lucky' for one of those searches."

(@BorowitzReport) This is the best thing to happen to New Orleans since, as Barbara Bush pointed out, everybody got brand new houses.

What were some of your favorite tweets?


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