Thursday, March 4, 2010

20 Questions with Bridesmaid Jennifer!

It's been awhile since I've had a wedding update... but things are coming along very well. We recently found our officiant, and booked our DJ and florist. We've still got to book a videographer... but after that I think we are pretty much set for a bit.

But this week isn't about my wedding, it's about Jennifer's! I had her fill out her version of 20 questions, and since I haven't posted it yet, I figured today's the day! She is getting married this Saturday, and I can't wait to stand next to her as she says "I do!"

So here we go 20 (ish) Questions with Bridesmaid (Bride on Saturday!) Jennifer:

1. What's your favorite color?
-Blue (no surprise there folks if you know the girl!)

2. What's your favorite flower?
-A tie between Roses and Bluebonnets

3. Who's your favorite author, or what's your favorite book?
-Favorite Authors are James Patterson and Nicolas Sparks. LOVED Dear John.

4. What are you currently reading?
-I am about to start Witch and Wizard by James Patterson

5. Favorite Movie?
-Hope Floats.

6. What's the last movie you saw?
-In the theatre- The Blindside (great movie.) I recently just watched Crossroads with Britney Spears (apparently this was the only movie on TV in English during the time Jennifer was in Korea!)

7. What's your favorite food?
-I love Italian food and barbeque

8. What's your favorite restaurant?
-Favorite is Olive Garden but I also love this hole-in-the-wall barbeque place called Dozier's (it is part grocery store haha)

9. Where is your favorite vacation location?
-Anything with a beach and sun

10. Where is one place in the world you'd love to go?

11. What is your favorite place to shop?
-Target- I could spend hours there...

12. What is your lucky number?
-8 (not really sure why... I went on first instinct here haha)

13. What is your favorite board game? Sorry or Hungry Hungry Hippos (Blake doesn't want me to bring that one over to Korea haha) Blake's her fiancé, and holy hippo I forgot about that game! SO FUN!

14. Any Pet Peeves?
-People eating with their mouths open is by far my biggest pet peeve.

15. Any hidden talents?
-Pretty sure I don't, if so they are hidden from me :)

16. What is your favorite holiday?
-Easter, I was trying to figure out why and I came up with this: We always celebrate with a TON of chocolate (I usually give up chocolate for lent so this day is GLORIOUS.) Also it is usually warm and sunny. She's from the Houston area people... us Midwesterners will probably be dealing with a lovely snowstorm or something at that point.

17. If you could be any super hero, which would you be?
-The Pink Power Ranger. I dressed up as her for Halloween once when I was like 8. Best. Answer. Ever.

18. If you could be any animal, which would it be?
-A dolphin... that would be so much fun. Did I mention I met her through Purdue Swimming?

19. Describe yourself in three words.
-Indecisive, friendly, hug-giving. This is a completely accurate description. I would also mention beautiful and smiley. But she is the best hug-giver of all time.

20. Describe me in three words.
-Colorful, beautiful, out-going (Guess I have to work on my hugs....!)

21. Best Advice you've ever gotten.
-My favorite quote: "What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

22. What's a favorite or funny memory with me?
-One of my favorite memories is when I stayed at your parent's house and we went fishing on the boat. It was before Trials and your dad wouldn't let us go fast tubing... so we just dragged behind. You also caught a huge fish. There are many other great memories, too- such as Spring Break and Hawaii :) YES!! I remember it was a huge fish! And I'm pretty sure you caught one too... and yes folks... she means Olympic Trials- she was a fast one in the water!

Love you Jennifer! Can't wait for this weekend!

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