Thursday, March 18, 2010

22 Things I know

I know what he looks like dressed up as a girl.

I know how smart and sneaky he can be because when we were in high school we used to fight about who had to get up and in the shower first; and what did he do? Sneak into my room and change my clock by an hour, so that when my alarm went off I was up an hour early without realizing it.

I know how he grits his teeth together when he's mad.
Ian with Penn or Teller (I get them confused!)

I know how when Mom would take us shopping, we would run around and hide together in the clothes racks. Which, for some reason, she never thought was as fun as we did.

I know how one time at dinner he threw up in the bathroom next to the dining room. I know I heard him and gagged every time I looked at or thought about him for the next two days.

I know how much I loved that we always used to play Dragons on our lawn when we were little.

I know I hate how he bites his nails. And that when I was younger, but still old enough to know better I smacked him for it. And then told our parents that he made me smack him.

I know the first person he married. Which would have been the little girl next door after I made a dress out of a sheet, and rings out of a yucca plant. And then played the part of officiant, and made them kiss. Now that I think of it... I don't think they every got a divorce.

I know that if it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't have become a master of Nintendo 64.

I know we used to tie a long jump rope to the middle floor banister and swing into the basement onto a pile of pillows and blankets.
From left to right: Ian, me & David

I know how attached he was to that yellow blanket. And I know how annoyed I was every time we had to go back somewhere and get it.

I know that once when I was two, after he was just born, my Mom took a quick shower, at which point I decided to I carry him around like a babydoll.

I know that once he peed on my face while I was laying on the couch.

I know that once I tricked him into giving me his dessert at dinner, telling him that I had to give mine to David. It was a Reese's Cup and I scarfed it down before telling him, "Haha! I got two and you got NONE!" I know that he told Dad, and that every day for a week he got his choice of a whole candy bar, while I got none.

I know that he's made me laugh so hard that milk has come out of my nose.

I know all of his crazy invention ideas. Including the wireless electrical cord.
I know that he screams like a girl when he sees spiders.

I know we all, always used to sleep in his room together listening and waiting for Santa to come.

I know he suffers from middle-child syndrome.

I know I used to repeatedly trick him into thinking that red-hot candies were cherry-flavored.

I know how he couldn't pronounce "Lauren" and called me "Wandon" for a very long time. And I know how much I loved it.

I know that he's bigger than me now, but that doesn't change the fact that he's my little brother.

Love you, Ian. Happy 22nd Birthday!


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