Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Around Town: Chicago

Last weekend Rambo and I headed to Chicago for a little weekend trip. I'm lucky enough to have a pretty awesome cousins: Diandra and her husband John who let us stay with them at their adorable condo in the city.

Saturday we spent some time visiting, and then John (who's a chef!) decided on Shanghai Terrace for dinner. It was delicious and I would highly, highly recommend it. If you're going for Dim Sum I'd recommend the Green Leaf Shrimp Dumpling and Peeky Crab Wanton (my two favorite!) Diandra also loved the Corn Soup and my Rice Noodles with Shrimp were great too! John knew the dining room manager, so they definitely spoiled us... including free dessert of Tofu Cheesecake, Green Tea Creme Brulee, among others-- but those were the most memorable (and yummy!)

Sunday we started with an early lunch at the Italian Deli where John works, Panozzo's. It was amazing. They have a little grocery store in there with all italian items, a deli counter where you can buy any kind of olive imaginable, caprese salad and many other salads AND meats and cheeses. AND they make sandwiches. I wanted to take a picture of Mark's huge meatball sub, but he inhaled it before I had the chance. I had a flatbread with rosemary ham and provolone and it was heaven. They offer different flatbread sandwiches everyday so if you're in the area... check them out! It's on Michigan between 13th and 14th.

(we ate on the Art Museum steps... this was our view)

Then we took a brisk walk to the art museum (which Rambo hated me for.) I've been on a big art kick lately, and haven't been to Chicago's art museum in awhile, so it was really great. Here are a few of my favs:

(Hubert Robert)


(One of the Lions outside the Museum)

Rambo (surprisingly) actually enjoyed himself too. Here's what he took pictures of:

So basically he took a picture of anything with a boat, fish, gladiators or dogs. Imagine that.

From there we checked out a cute little art shop, just across the street called Art & Artisans-- they had some great stuff, just nothing we trusted ourselves to carry the rest of the day.

Then we were off the the Chicago Aquarium, where Mark tried to study the habits of all the "local" fish. There was also a newborn baby beluga swimming around which was adorable. Mark also had to drag me away from the penguins, dolphins, and otters. Especially the otters, they are just so freaking cute. The only negative? The smell... I mean I know it's an aquarium, but something funky was going on in there.

That pretty much wrapped up our weekend. Did you do anything exciting around town anywhere?


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