Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Random Thought Wednesday

1. It hit 75 degrees today. 75!!! (That deserves extra exclamation points for sure.) At one point when I took King outside I thought to myself "It's hot out." I haven't used the word hot in regards to the weather in months, so it was a glorious thing. I also considered taking my lunch break to lay out at the pool, but I didn't want anyone thinking I was crazy.

2. Tomorrow is April Fools Day. I hate April Fools Day. No matter how many times I remind myself, I always seem to forget and fall for something. But for the moments I do remember what day it is, I can't take anything seriously for fear of someone jumping out and screaming "APRIL FOOLS!" I'm so gullible, I'll even fall for April Fools jokes intended for someone else. So forgive me in advance, because tomorrow when anyone says/e-mails/texts/twitters something to me, I'll probably says something like "HA! Good one!" So just save anything serious for Friday, alright? As it is I have a post-it attached to my computer screen and cell phone that says, "Careful!! It could be an April Fool!"

3. Ohhh... here's an idea. Maybe if it's nice again tomorrow I CAN go lay out and post a little sign next to me that says "April Fools! I'm not actually crazy enough to lay out on April 1st, this is totally just a joke!" That'll work, right?

4. Yesterday I saw King swim for the first time. Sure, he's splashed around in the water here and there, but never quite to the point where he has had to swim. So yesterday afternoon Mark and I took King for a little stroll through the woods. We let him off his leash to run around. Well, he spied a duck and what does he do? Jump right into the river to try to get himself a duckie. Apparently he thought water was just another kind of land because after he went completely under, he popped back up and swam quickly back to shore. But apparently he liked it because he did that about eight more times.

5. Did I tell you I started Bridal Bootcamp? Yes, it's at the Indianapolis Lifetime Fitness and it is AMAZING. And by amazing I mean so ridiculously hard that I am constantly sore. I highly recommend it and my trainer, Kara Wagner! So if you are in Indy and getting married... come join us! It's only been three weeks and I've already seen results!

6. This Friday James Otto is playing at Jillian's downtown. And apparently it's free! You just have to sign up for their newsletter. However, I haven't been able to figure out how to actually do that through their website, so if you know... please tell me because I want to go! And you should too!

7. Is anything else going on this weekend? I'm trying to do more around town! Also looking for a casual dining recommendation on the northeast side of Indy, something fun and different!

That's all for tonight. Please don't prank me tomorrow. Please.


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