Sunday, March 28, 2010

When I'm a Parent...

I wanted to call this post "When I'm a Parent, and my kids go to school or to sleep, I will secretly play with their toys." But I thought that was a little too long.

Sort of like the one year my brothers and I (okay mostly my brothers) got Nintendo 64 for Christmas from Santa. And we all took a shot at beating the first level, but totally got smashed by Bowser. So then we gave Dad a turn and he beat it no problem. Actually he beat the first ten levels with no problem. And we totally idolized him for it. I'm sure we were saying things like, "Wow! I can't believe how great Dad is at Nintendo! We are so lucky to have a Dad so naturally talented at Nintendo!"

But come to find out ten years later, he had stayed up all night playing it while we were sweetly dreaming of sugar plums. AND rumor has it he even threw a little fit when Mom told him he had to erase his progress so that we kids wouldn't know that Mom and Dad were actually Santa. I guess the blood-shot eyes due to no sleep or the blisters on his thumbs weren't enough to give him away at our age. In our eyes, he was the King of Nintendo 64.

And I totally don't judge him for it, because I will definitely do the same thing. Sorry future kids.

So what brought this up? In the past week I have been into Babies "R" Us and Toys "R" Us. And holy cow I can't wait to have kids. Don't get too worked up over this comment-- I WILL wait, but when it happens my kids are going to be the best dressed things in town. Sure they might have drool or boogers hanging off their face because I'll gag to much in an attempt to clean them up, but at least they'll be adorably dressed. They have the MOST adorable little clothes.

And the toys now!? SO FUN! There are these super cute little hampster things (Zhu Zhu pets I think?) that run and squeak and stuff. I know because I totally played with them at my little cousins birthday this weekend. And the dress up aisle? To die for! When I was little dress-up meant go into Mom's closet and put on whatever you can reach. And sidewalk chalk also comes in 3-D now. Imagine how much more creative I'd be today if I wasn't limited to 2-D chalk. I mean seriously.

So my romp through Toys "R" Us also made me think of some of my favorite toys when I was little:

Quints. This little set of babies and all these settings that came in fives. Five little rocking horses, five little swings, five little beds.

My Littlest Pet Shop. Which they still have, and it's even cuter than when I was little.

Rainbow Bright and Strawberry shortcake. Which they also still have!

Pound Puppies.



Water Babies.

Pretty Pretty Princess. I would still play that game today. Just let me know if you want to. It might be even better with margaritas. I'm just saying.

Animal Surprise. One of my ultimate favorites, the animals would have a little velcro pouch containing 3-5 babies inside, and you'd never know how many you were going to get! I had a puppy surprise, kitty surprise, bunny surprise, pony surprise and a bear surprise. There may have been more.... They were the BEST. Here is a random blog post about them. (Acutally that blog Children of the 90's is pretty flipping fun.) Watching the commercial totally makes me have a happy-excited feeling in my stomach. Which is sort of sad.

My Little Pony. You know you miss lining them all up and fixing their pony-hair as much as I do.

Trolls. Especially the ones with the rhinestones for belly buttons.

SkipIt. Hours of fun. And exercise. But could also be responsible for the fact that I am more coordinated with one of my legs.

Furbies. Speaking of which I need to find mine and play with it. It sounds fun just thinking about it.

Tomagatchi (spelling?) Also fun. AND outlawed at my elementary school.

There were so many more that I may in fact have to turn this into a two-part post. Which may or may not happen... but in the meantime:

What were your favorite toys growing up?
What were/are your favorite of your kids toys?


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  1. Love this post! My mom bought me a new Pretty Pretty Princess game for my 18th birthday because mine was destroyed from playing with it so much and it honestly was the best present I got! I made my boyfriend play it with me. He didn't get the magic of it lol I **MAY** be moving to Indy next summer so we can play together, definitely with margaritas!