Friday, April 16, 2010

I don't think I'd cut it as a Canadian

For work this week I was in Vancouver. And it was gorgeous (especially the flight in) even though, unfortunately I didn't get to do as much sight-seeing as I would have liked. Which of course is always a good excuse to go back.

And I don't know what it was, but as soon as I entered Canada, I became clumsy and unlucky. One thing I noticed though that was the same as the U.S.? Bad things happen in threes no matter where you are.

1. I arrived in Canada and had to wait in a ridiculous customs line, and was grilled about why I was there. Apparently a young girl has no business coming to Vancouver on business because the guy just refused to accept it. It doesn't help that I don't have an official job title. But anyways I was the last one to the baggage carousel and guess what? NO BAG. Now usually I'm that girl who brings a little bit of everything in her carry-on but for whatever reason I didnt do it this time. And when I saw "for whatever reason" I mean the reason my bags didn't come was BECAUSE I didn't pack this stuff. Because clearly, that's how the world works. Fortunately the bag found it's way to me the next morning, so I didn't have to suffer long.

2. The next day I was working a tradeshow. For some reason I felt the need to take my phone with me to the bathroom. I set it next to the sink (teetering on the white part, which I realize now was a DUMB move) and began washing my hands. And sliiip... there goes my phone into the gushing water. I think I may have stared at it for a bit too, because I just couldn't believe that was happening. Anyways, rest in peace little blackberry. Please pray that the sim card still works!

3. Then yesterday at the airport, awaiting my flight I bought a Diet Coke. I haven't been drinking caffeine at all lately but I was exhausted so I went for it. I took maybe two sips out of it and threw it into my bag. Then I went on a journey to find an outlet to charge my laptop. One minute later I opened my bag to find an EMPTY Diet Coke. And everything else soaked. Fortunately nothing was truly harmed, though my planner now looks like it is from the 1800s. (But thank you to the kind man who went on a napkin run for me twice. You are my favorite.)

So apparently Canada was out to get me, and it seemed to want to chase me out of its borders. But I still want to come back and be a tourist, so you'll have to try harder next time, Canada.


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