Monday, April 19, 2010

A Man and His Boat

Probably six months ago, Rambo bought a boat. And just so we are on the same page when I say "boat" I mean a bunch of metal, with a lot of rotting wood, and bugs, on top of a rusty trailer. A guy at the junk yard made a mistake and sold it to him and a very good price, when in fact it was actually worth more as scrap metal.

Apparently Mark has a better imagination than I do, because in my head there was NO WAY he could fix that "boat" up enough for me to want to go on it without a bag over my head.

And I won't lie, I wasn't too into the idea of fixing up a boat. But Mark convinced me that come summertime, we'd have a nice boat to go out on together. I grew up on a lake, and loved every second, so I gave him my blessing. Plus I figured we'd always MAKE money selling it back a scrap metal, should we have to...

But I've got to give Rambo some credit. He turned his heap of junk metal into a fully functional (and floatable!) boat. And it's actually pretty good-looking, too. On the other hand, he neglected to mention how much of a FISHING boat it would end up being (fish-finder, trolling motor, rod-holders and all!) Definitely a man's boat... and you can tell how proud of it he is. But just look at it! He should be!

So yesterday we took "Beauty" out on her maiden voyage, to test her out. And we managed to have a pretty nice afternoon.  King especially loves the boat, but I'm not sure if he was just trying to get closer to the water, or actually jump in the water, because this is how he looked the whole time:

So then on the way in, I had to decide if I wanted to try to back the trailer into the water (no, too many onlookers, could be embarrassing) or have Mark back up the trailer, and I could drive the boat onto it (also no, what if something happened and it died in the middle of the lake? I'd have no clue how to fix it!) So I told Mark I would just wait by the dock with the boat while he backed the trailer in, then he could come get on the boat and drive onto the trailer himself.

Well Mark thought this was silly, and told me to get my butt out to the middle of the lake and get ready to drive onto the trailer. [Insert pouting here]

So guess what happened?

The motor stopped working, and I couldn't get it started again. JUST LIKE I SAID WOULD HAPPEN. Proving yet again, that I am always right. Here I am getting towed in by another boat (thank you very much to those guys!)
Mark told me that while I was getting towed in he was thinking "Man, I've got a good looking boat and a good looking girl."

Notice how he said boat first?

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  1. Lauren, I can totoally empathize with you... Derek is the same way but only with his electronic items!