Wednesday, April 21, 2010


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My trainer (Kara @ Lifetime Fitness in Indy, who is amazing) told me today that every time a commercial comes on while I'm watching TV. I should get down and do a plank hold for as long as I can hold it. Then two side-plank holds for as long as I can hold it.

In unrelated news, I'm giving up watching T.V.

I forgot to tell you this but when I was in Canada last week, we were doing a sort of impromptu drive through downtown tour. The guy I was working with pointed out the "Shooting Gallery" I assumed this was a fancy way of saying "Shooting range" until he explained. A "shooting gallery" is where the government gives drug addicts free, new needles and a clean place to do drugs. Are you kidding!?!? I can't imagine being okay with that if it happened in the U.S. How about using the money to instead trying to kick the users habits?

My New Year's Resolution of keeping my socks together is failing miserably. I think the monster in the laundry room got wind of my plan and has been eating extra socks just out of spite.

I'm participating in a Murder Mystery Party this weekend. I'm excited about it. Rambo isn't.

The Tudors started again. Which makes me very happy. It's on Showtime, and you have to watch it (even Rambo likes it!) Also there's been this new show Life on lately (I think Discovery Channel?) and it is really-really fascinating.

Scratch that about giving up T.V.

You should have guessed from the title that this post would be random and pointless.

The end.



  1. Rambo better change his attitude about the Murder Mystery! I can't wait!!!

  2. Ok, so I have to give you the other (canadian) perspective on the "shooting gallery"... Ideally, there would be no addicts in the world, but lets face it, that will never happen. Seeing as we have socialized health care in Canada, having people get infected with various diseases from contaminted needles (etc.) is A LOT mor expensive to treat in our health care system than it is to try and prevent the spread/contraction of the disease in the first place. Therefore, spending a small amount on needles is a lot cheeper in the long run than spending thousands on treating somone for Hep C or HIV.
    OK that's all. :)

  3. Mama Kim says - stick to watching cable/satellite, where there are no commercials! Yay Tudors...and sorry to see Spartacus end...