Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tip Tuesday (Inspired by Two Shades of Pink!)

Okay, so one of the super-amazing blogs I follow is Two Shades of Pink. It is adorable, and crafty and heartfelt all rolled into one. Seriously this woman puts Martha Stewart to shame. She does things like turn broken hula hoops into adorable canopies in her spare time, I know-- I told you, AMAZING. Oh and her name is Jessica.

And one of my favorite days to check out her blog are on Tuesdays, because she usually has TWO TIPS TUESDAYS, and they are usually fun, easy, crafty or any combination of those three... Including, but not limited to a SUPER easy way to clean your microwave, fancy napkin rings from hair rollers, a simple way to turn blankets in to bolsters... need I continue? So you'll have to check her out.

But Two Shades of Pink got me to thinking... I have some good tips, too! Just not as many, so I can only afford to give out one this Tuesday. But regardless, Jessica has inspired me to share!

My Tip for the Day?
eReceipt Folder

It's really not too complicated. And maybe everyone already does this but I like to think of myself as clever so go with it...

 I've been doing a lot of online ordering lately (between wedding planning, traveling, Mother's Day and just some splurging in general.) And I always get to those final pages: "Print for your records." So I usually print them, and not being the most organized person, can rarely find them if I need them (which you hardly ever do, right?)

So lately I've started a Receipt Folder on the desktop of my computer. And every time I order something online, I just take a quick screenshot (shortcut Command-Shift-3 for Macs) of the confirmation page. And on my Mac it immediately saves these to the desktop, and I just drag them into the folder.

Voila! I save some paper and I'll always know where they! (And yes I checked my email, and cleaned my desktop before taking this picture...)

So what about you? Have an crafty or organizational ideas? I'd love to hear them! (And I think Jessica at Two Shades of Pink is also looking for guest tippers!)

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  1. Oooooohhhh that IS a good tip! So why are you not offering to guest post for me? Hello? I think moving trumps wedding plans.
    OK. I really don't because they are both mind bogglingly (yes it is a word...that I just made up) stressful. So I will not compete with you on levels of busyness. Great tip and thanks for your kind words about my blog. You are the sweetest!