Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Busy Bees (Charming House Sneak Peek)

Hi Friends! Remember me? I used to blog about 4 times a week? Yea... I know it's been awhile but we've been sort of busy around here. Here is my list of excuses:
1. Mark starts his new job next week in a suburb of Cleveland.
2. We are looking for a house in said suburb.
3. We need somewhere temporary to live while we figure where we will live permanently.
4. Can you say laundry? And packing???
5. Also in the midst of planning the wedding.
6. There's been some work trips thrown in there.
7. Panic attacks and breakdowns also seem to be cutting on productivity every once in a while.

Somewhere my Dad is reading this saying, "Do you want me to call Mom for you? Because she's the only one who cares."

For now? Rambo will be staying at an extended stay hotel with frequent visits from King and I. By the way-- why is it impossible to find somewhere to live for a month, that allows dogs, that is reasonably priced?

Last week we started the house hunt. And here's some sneak peeks at the gem we fell in love with:

We love it for a bazillion reasons. I started to type the list of reasons why and everything started with "charming." Charming porch, charming wood floors, charming location, etc. etc. etc. And while I'm trying to not get my hopes too high, I have already memorized the address (no I won't tell you the address... you may A. steal it from us or B. stalk me-- both of which are unacceptable), picked out paint colors, picked out patio furniture, and decided where everything is going to go. And that's me NOT get my hopes up.

We are working on figuring out what we are going to put the offer in for right now, and hopefully we will have an official offer this week! And... fingers crossed, if everything goes smoothly (pretty please go smoothly) we could be moving in early to mid July.

So anyways, I'm sorry I've been out of the picture, but once we get this house I will have my very own office, and just think of how productive I will be then!!

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