Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Miss Idaho (Hero of the Week)

Let's conduct a small poll shall we?

If you were delivering mail, and the address read:
Mr. Madeup Name*
PO BOX 123**
Wangaratia, Victoria***
Australia 1234****

*- Name changed to protect identity
**-Number of PO BOX changed to protect identity
***-All of this information is real, I just wanted to laugh at the name Wangaratia with you.
****- Zip code changed to protect identity. Number of characters accurate. Is it even called a Zip code is Australia?

Where would you deliver this mail to?
a: Austria
b. Australia
c. Idaho

If you guessed c. you are correct. Because that is exactly where our save-the-date clearly addressed to Australia ended up... in Idaho. I know you are thinking "What? Idaho?" And it amazes me to.*****The only thing these two had in common was the P.O. Box. Apparently no one thought the three giant stamps on that tiny little envelope were a giveaway that this particular envelope was on a journey to quite a bit further than Idaho. Also apparently the word Australia also wasn't a clue.

The following is what I've concluded on the scenario of the save-the-date arriving at the Idaho P.O. Box, strictly based on the facts:

One day a nice woman in Idaho opened her P.O. Box and found a small envelope. Assuming it was hers, she opened it to find stranger's very cute and clearly very thought-out save-the-date.****** She immediately could see that the couple was made for each other, and a very good looking couple, too. They were certain to have beautiful babies and seemed quite modest, as well.

But she did not recognize either person, and had never heard their names. She turned the envelope over to see if she had her P.O. Box neighbor's mail, only to find that the envelope was clearly addressed to Australia.

And while this lovely woman could have taken our save-the-date to the post office and leave them to deal with it, she chose instead to personally address a new envelope with the neatest handwriting possible addressed to Australia. In it she included the original save-the-date, and a letter explaining it's journey to Idaho. She even spent her own money on new stamps (which probably cost her $82.39 because stamps are freaking expensive.) I know, obviously this woman is an angel.

The save-the-date arrived safely in the hands of the guest for which it was intended, just days later in Australia. He later e-mailed the story to my father, who forwarded it to me, as I am now relaying it to you.

So thank you to the amazing woman in Idaho who helped me out, where she certainly didn't have to. You made my week.

*****- I don't mean to imply with this post that I am ungrateful to the post office. Certainly they did a miraculous job with the other 200+ save-the-dates we sent out-- except those two that came back because they somehow managed to get away from me without a stamp. I just seriously cannot believe that it was delivered to Idaho and not Australia.
******-This post could have been significantly shorter, but I refuse to abbreviate "save-the-date" to "STD" because "I sent out my STD's last week," just doesn't sound like you are talking about a wedding.

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