Friday, May 14, 2010

Where have I been?

Okay it has been a hectic week. So hectic in fact that I think the chaos will spill over into the next few months as well. Why?

RAMBO GOT A JOB!!!! Now as much as I want to believe that THIS POST had something to do with him getting the offer, I'm not sure the people who hired him saw it. But I haven't heard officially either way, so for now I'll just take some of the credit. Maybe like half. I think that's fair.

Now the hectic part? The job is in a Cleveland suburb, and he starts on June 1st. That is in 17 days.

17 days people! Ideally we would like to only have to move once. And since we think we will be in the area for awhile it would be awesome if we could buy a house.

A House! Oh my gosh it sounds so grown up. And stressful. So if you have any suggestions on where to live somewhere between Mentor and Cleveland or somewhere to the South/southeast of Cleveland please let me know.

Also feel free to spill everything you know about buying a house, as we are property owning virgins!

Okay... I'm off to have a panic attack. Apologies in advance if you don't hear from me for a bit!



  1. It may sound completely obvious but buying a house is expensive, and I don't mean paying for the house. When we bought last year, we were all set with a good downpayment, money for the lawyer, property taxes, etc. We foresaw having to buy appliances and furniture and had planned financially for that. We thought we were set. But my word there is a BOATLOAD of things you have to buy that you don't really think about. For example, garbage bins/recycling bins. I got cheap ones at $100/each. Then there is a vacuum and a shop vac (get both if you have a garage and plan to reno!) and a steam mop. Then you need a lawn mower, and a rake, and a hoe, and potted plants...I could go on. Hopefully you have a stash of these things now! We were amazed at the "stuff" we most definitely HAD to buy. We've been there a year already and I'm still saying...oh yeah..I need this!
    Despite all's so totally worth it. Enjoy house hunting, I miss it! Good Luck!

  2. Just give us a call. We're on our second house. Look at enough houses and you'll find one - wear something comfortable!