Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why is it?

1. Why is it that King freaks out when he decides he has to go number two? All of a sudden, he runs around like a rabid dog who is going to poop his pants (or lack thereof,) which in turn forces me to run around like a crazy person finding the leash and the keys and a poop bag. And then we run down the stairs all crazy because that's the only way to distract him away from fighting his leash to the death in the stairwell.

Then we get outside and it's pouring rain, but King makes me walk him around for 15 minutes until he actually finds bushes worthy enough for his doo-doo. Sheesh... he's such a drama king (okay... laughing at my own pun here.)

2. Why is it that on another one of our walks today (not a rainy one) I see a guy on his skateboard holding onto the leash of a giant running dog? How is this even possible?

And how is it possible that the guy on the skateboard being pulled by the giant dog actually looks more balanced that me on my two feet being drug around by King? Sort of embarrassing.

3. Why is it that King chooses to drag himself to the bathroom to drink from the toilet when he has a fresh, clean bowl of water right next to him?

Then, ten minutes later I get up to pee and stare at the toilet in horror wondering who could have possible peed on the seat when it's only me at home. The thoughts go something like "Oh my GOSH. Someone must have broken into my apartment while I was taking King out... where did he learn his manners? He must not have had a sister... so disgusting but at least we'll have some DNA to tie him to the crime..." I remember shortly thereafter that it's just water left over from King's lapping, but still... it gets me every time!

Just those mysteries of life, I guess :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

One year ago today...

One year ago today we were on Catalina Island, off the coast of southern California.

One year ago today we went scuba diving on that island.

One year ago today the man of dreams got down on his knee, right here:

One year ago today that man asked me to marry him.

One year ago today I said yes. Thinking about it still gives me goosebumps.

If you haven't heard the full story you can read this post.

I love you, Rambo!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Tale of the Ugly Shirt

For Mark's new job he has to wear dress pants, dress shirt and a tie everyday to work-- which I LOVE because he looks so handsome and grown up. Every night I practically beg him to let me pick out his outfit, and he usually let's me and I love it.

On his first day a couple of weeks ago, when he walked in the door I asked, "Oh! How exciting your first day, how was it?" And he barely got one word of an answer out before I butted in "Okay, but really tell me, were you the best dressed?" I take my job as clothes-picker-outer very seriously, you see. So when he couldn't answer that questions, I said "What do you mean you don't know? What was everyone else wearing?"

And I think all he could recall was the color of one's person's tie. How am I supposed to ensure my fiancé is best dressed when I don't even know what the competition is wearing. He also shot down my idea of taking a picture of all the guys he worked with. Something about how that would be embarrassing and no one even considers what everyone else is wearing anyway.

So, last night Mark informs me that he wants to pick out his own outfit today. Which was disappointing for me, but they are his clothes, so what choice did I have. And this morning I saw it: the shirt.

Mark has this one particular dress shirt that he just loves. I have no idea why he likes it because I think it is the ugliest thing in the world. Sometimes I move it all the way to the back of the closet in hopes that he'll forget about... though clearly he didn't. Because today he insisted on wearing it. He even picked up a tie yesterday so he'd have something to match! Oh the horror!

Now it's an expensive shirt- I'll give him that, but it's this plaid pattern with two contrasting colors and basically by wearing it to work he was flushing all my hard work at making him best dressed down the toilet. But this morning he insisted again that no one really cares what anyone wears and that he reallllly likes the shirt anyways. And I sort of believed him. They are all boys after all. So he wore it.

I texted him about an hour after he went in because I needed his new work email. He answered with AND I  QUOTE:

"Dave [Mark's boss] asked me who's tablecloth I took to make my shirt. But he didn't say anything about how well the tie matches."

(Insert triumphant trumpets and a choir singing my favorite song called I Told You So, When Are You Going To Learn That I Am Always Right!?)

Really, Mark? How strange. I can't imagine why he would insult the ugliest shirt in the world yet neglect to mention the tie.

The texting continued:

Me- "Did you tell him I didn't dress you today? And what I think of that shirt?"

Mark- "No, I think he's just jealous that he doesn't have the coolest shirt."

That must be it.

I'd like to further note that Mark neglected to send me his boss's email address when I asked for it. Something about how it'd be embarrassing to have his fiancée email the boss to explain why she didn't dress him that morning, and assure him that this would never happen again because Mark will be working extra hard to get the best-dressed title back.

And by extra-hard I mean returning the ugly shirt back to its rightful place in the back of the closet.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Update on the New Gig! Update on the New Gig!

Guess who's the new Home & Garden Examiner for the Cleveland area? Give up? This girl!

In an attempt to submerge myself in the culture of my new home I started blogging for Examiner.com last week and am loving it so far.

Though there are many more "rules" at Examiner than there are at Laurealism (where there really are no rules) I am enjoying the new gig.

So if you follow me on here I would love for you to subscribe to my channel at Examiner.com, and comment there, as well as here. Laurealism will of course still be around-- there will be no personal anecdotes at Examiner, so of course I'll still be around to entertain you.

While there are more local angles with my Examiner blog, I'll still be bringing you great recipes and DIY projects as well as keeping you posted on more newsy type stuff, too.

A couple of my first articles include the ever popular Strawberry Puff recipe, my top picks for Home & Living iPhone apps and a Victorian Terrarium DIY project. Soooo.... check 'em out!

Also, if you know a person or company in the Cleveland area (including all the suburbs) who you think might like to be highlighted on Examiner.com please send an email my way: Laurealism@gmail.com Please send only those that can somehow relate to the Home & Garden category. Thanks!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Loading the car with the dog

En route to Cleveland a few days ago, (I'll be back and forth between Indy and Cleveland until the house is official-- going through inspections and final loan approval now) I found myself with quite a lot of stuff to bring. There were two laundry baskets full of clean cloths, a bag full of groceries, three pillows, a bag full of a bunch of my stuff, my work bag, my computer bag, King's giant bucket of food and a bag full of random things we needed.

And King. Which is where the problem presented itself.

Should I leave King in the apartment while I'm making 5 trips to load the car?

The answer here is: No. For the following reasons:

A: He may be inclined to eat something within his reach-- which there is plenty of, now that we are in the process of packing, and

B. King has these superpowers that allow him to know that you are leaving the apartment. Pick up the keys? He's by the door in a flash. Put on your shoes? He brings you the leash. Because clearly there is no where in the world that I need to go that doesn't involve taking him with. "What's that Mommy? You aren't taking me with? That's fine, I'll just sneak out between your legs when you open the door."

Okay so option one is out. Option two: should I just put him in the car first, and then make all the trips?

The answer here is also: No. But I didn't know it at the time.

But there's nothing in the car for King to chew, and it was warm out but not too hot, and it wouldn't take me longer than 10 minutes to load up the car, so Option 2 it was.

First Load: No problem, I open the passenger door where King is sitting, am greeted with a nice lick on the face and throw in the first of the gear: work bag, purse, computer bag. Also in my hands is a bag full of groceries, so I open one of the back passenger doors and put that on the floor, noting how quickly King was able to hop from one seat to another.

Second Load: The pillows and my bag of stuff. Open the back passenger door to put in the pillows, note that King has already completely destroyed the paper bag that was holding the groceries. Fortunetly, no damage to the groceries other than the fact that they were strewn over the car. Lovely.

But now the true challenge: opening the trunk (its an SUV) without having King leap into the back and out of the car. First I distracted him so that he was all the way in the front seat. Then I carefully lined up the bag, opened the hatch and QUICK! Threw in the bag while the little monster was performing the impossible feat of jumping from the front seat, completely over the back seat and into the trunk space. But I managed to slam the door in time, so there were no escapees.

The rest of the loading progressed much like the above, with me out-manuevering King with every load.

I loaded the car, without King escaping, with everything but my sanity intact.

I have to say that I am pretty impressed with myself.

Bring on the years when I have to do the same with a bunch of little kids...


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Giveaway! The Host by Stephanie Meyer

Yep it's me again... for the fourth day in a row! And as if that wasn't exciting enough... this post is a GIVEAWAY (Insert game show music here) !!!!

And what do you have the pleasure of winning today? A book my little bookworms... and a good book at that.

The Host: A Novel

Our book club read The Host by Stephanie Meyers a couple of months ago, and we loved it! It's unlike anything you've ever read, and it blew my mind how different it was from the Twilight series. To read more about what I thought, you can see my post about The Host here.

The host is imaginative, there's a love story, and the story-telling is great... it's an easy read-- just in time for summer! What more can you want?

Obviously I really liked the book, which is why I was so excited when Hachette asked me if I wanted to do a giveaway in conjunction with the paperback release. YES PLEASE!

So here's the deal. I have one copy to giveaway (list price $16.99) and it includes a bonus chapter. There's three ways to win... (and you can do all three to increase your chances!)

Option 1: Leave a comment. Topic ideas: your favorite author, how much you love me, your favorite book, which team you are on (Jacob vs Edward,) etc. Really the possibilities are endless. Just leave a comment.

Option 2: Tweet about the contest. Be sure to include my Twitter handle (@Laurealism) and the link to this post (http://www.laurealism.com/2010/06/giveaway-host-by-stephanie-meyer.html) Then come back and leave a comment to let me know you tweeted. So if you also did Option 1, you would have left two comments at this point.

Option 3: Mention the contest or Laurealism in a blog post. THIS IS WORTH TWO ENTRIES. I don't care if you throw it on to the end of a blog post as a sort of "P.S." Just make sure you link back to this post. Then come back and leave two more comments!

So, you could possibly be leaving 4 comments in all! This contest will end July 1st, at which point I'll generate a random number to see which commenter wins. Good luck!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Engagement Photos

I think it's time I finally shared some of our engagement shots with all of you (I'll have to post a picture of our save-the-date soon as well.) Thanks again to Kim & Zac who did an amazing job... with no photography training might I add-- we were so happy with how they turned out. Click any image to enlarge... Enjoy!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cutest Flower Girl and Ring Bearers EVER

I haven't talked wedding in awhile... probably because I haven't really planned anything new since we got our save-the-dates out last month. My excuse? The whole moving to the Cleveland area thing has us pretty busy.

But I just had to share this picture of my cousins' kids who will be our ring bearers and flower girl.

I mean seriously how cute are they... blue teeth and all?

Happy Summer!