Saturday, June 12, 2010

Loading the car with the dog

En route to Cleveland a few days ago, (I'll be back and forth between Indy and Cleveland until the house is official-- going through inspections and final loan approval now) I found myself with quite a lot of stuff to bring. There were two laundry baskets full of clean cloths, a bag full of groceries, three pillows, a bag full of a bunch of my stuff, my work bag, my computer bag, King's giant bucket of food and a bag full of random things we needed.

And King. Which is where the problem presented itself.

Should I leave King in the apartment while I'm making 5 trips to load the car?

The answer here is: No. For the following reasons:

A: He may be inclined to eat something within his reach-- which there is plenty of, now that we are in the process of packing, and

B. King has these superpowers that allow him to know that you are leaving the apartment. Pick up the keys? He's by the door in a flash. Put on your shoes? He brings you the leash. Because clearly there is no where in the world that I need to go that doesn't involve taking him with. "What's that Mommy? You aren't taking me with? That's fine, I'll just sneak out between your legs when you open the door."

Okay so option one is out. Option two: should I just put him in the car first, and then make all the trips?

The answer here is also: No. But I didn't know it at the time.

But there's nothing in the car for King to chew, and it was warm out but not too hot, and it wouldn't take me longer than 10 minutes to load up the car, so Option 2 it was.

First Load: No problem, I open the passenger door where King is sitting, am greeted with a nice lick on the face and throw in the first of the gear: work bag, purse, computer bag. Also in my hands is a bag full of groceries, so I open one of the back passenger doors and put that on the floor, noting how quickly King was able to hop from one seat to another.

Second Load: The pillows and my bag of stuff. Open the back passenger door to put in the pillows, note that King has already completely destroyed the paper bag that was holding the groceries. Fortunetly, no damage to the groceries other than the fact that they were strewn over the car. Lovely.

But now the true challenge: opening the trunk (its an SUV) without having King leap into the back and out of the car. First I distracted him so that he was all the way in the front seat. Then I carefully lined up the bag, opened the hatch and QUICK! Threw in the bag while the little monster was performing the impossible feat of jumping from the front seat, completely over the back seat and into the trunk space. But I managed to slam the door in time, so there were no escapees.

The rest of the loading progressed much like the above, with me out-manuevering King with every load.

I loaded the car, without King escaping, with everything but my sanity intact.

I have to say that I am pretty impressed with myself.

Bring on the years when I have to do the same with a bunch of little kids...


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