Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why is it?

1. Why is it that King freaks out when he decides he has to go number two? All of a sudden, he runs around like a rabid dog who is going to poop his pants (or lack thereof,) which in turn forces me to run around like a crazy person finding the leash and the keys and a poop bag. And then we run down the stairs all crazy because that's the only way to distract him away from fighting his leash to the death in the stairwell.

Then we get outside and it's pouring rain, but King makes me walk him around for 15 minutes until he actually finds bushes worthy enough for his doo-doo. Sheesh... he's such a drama king (okay... laughing at my own pun here.)

2. Why is it that on another one of our walks today (not a rainy one) I see a guy on his skateboard holding onto the leash of a giant running dog? How is this even possible?

And how is it possible that the guy on the skateboard being pulled by the giant dog actually looks more balanced that me on my two feet being drug around by King? Sort of embarrassing.

3. Why is it that King chooses to drag himself to the bathroom to drink from the toilet when he has a fresh, clean bowl of water right next to him?

Then, ten minutes later I get up to pee and stare at the toilet in horror wondering who could have possible peed on the seat when it's only me at home. The thoughts go something like "Oh my GOSH. Someone must have broken into my apartment while I was taking King out... where did he learn his manners? He must not have had a sister... so disgusting but at least we'll have some DNA to tie him to the crime..." I remember shortly thereafter that it's just water left over from King's lapping, but still... it gets me every time!

Just those mysteries of life, I guess :)

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