Friday, July 2, 2010

4th of July Ideas

I won't lie to you: I'm stressed. This house buying thing that was all unicorns and rainbows a couple of weeks ago is getting more and more complicated. Hence the lack of blogging. I swear, once we have a place to live, I'll be back at it.

What are we doing for the Fourth? We'll be celebrating King's birth (he will be ONE!) and... wait for it... PACKING!

Which I am bummed about because the Fourth is one of my favorite holidays and all I'll be doing is complaining all day long about "How heavy this box is" and saying things like "No, we can't throw that away! My freshman year college dorm mate made that for me and clearly it took hours!" and "I don't care if it will just sit in a box forever, we have to keep it."

And what's worse we are packing to move out of the apartment next weekend, and at this point... we have no where to go but a hotel! Who in Cleveland wants two temporary roommates and a SUPER-fun dog who occasionally eats your favorite shoes? Don't all volunteer at once!

Sorry for being all whiney, but I hate not having a plan-- which is where we are now. BUT ANYWAYS...

Since you all will be having fun this Fourth of July here are a couple of ideas that I blogged about over on Examiner (if you aren't subscribing to me there yet... shame on you!)

DIY: Liberty Carnations
Berry American Trifle

And since I will be living up my Fourth of July vicariously through you I have to know... what are your holiday weekend plans??


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