Thursday, July 8, 2010

Excuse me while I freak out

So here's the deal. We are semi-moved in and we really love this house. And one of the best things about it is when King whines to go out, all we have to do is open the back door, and off he scampers into the backyard. The fenced in backyard! Hallelujah!

But since I still don't put it past him to jump over the fence or dig his way out, I usually go out with King and walk around the yard encouaging him to "potty."

I am a barefoot kind of girl... If it were plausible for me to go barefoot all the time, I definitely would. Which is why on our first night here (Monday) I went out to the backyard--barefoot with King for his last potty of the day.

And there I was standing in the middle of the yard when I felt it: something slithering under my foot.

Insert here very girlish, squealing, freaking out noises.

King and I went in to report to Rambo that it is very important that we be able to walk around barefoot in our own backyard... So he better get his butt out there and let all the creepy and slimy critters know that it's time for them to move outside of the fence.

Of course he didn't. Something about how that's not possible and it was their home first... Yada yada...

So I climbed into bed and convinced myself that I probably stepped on a slug (the least evil of all that I was imagining) and went to sleep.

Then about ten minutes ago I went to take King out again. With my flip flops on. There I was happily walking around the perimeter of the backyard planning my future garden... I had already made one lap around and was going for lap number two... waiting for King to finish his business when I saw it:

Between my flip flop clad feet,

in all it's slithery and slimy grossness,



Insert jumping around, freaking out and "oh oh oh no no ew ewwww"s.

It slithered over to the fence and I lost sight of it. Now I'm not going to exaggerate and say it was a humongous snake with five heads and three tails. It was just a skinny thing maybe a foot long, but it was still a flipping slimy, slithering snake in just about the same area where I stepped on the "slug" a few nights before.


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  1. I know how you feel. Tuesday morning I picked up one of our recycle bins to take it down to the curb and a snake slithered right by my foot. I'm lucky I didn't spill all the recycle all over the driveway.