Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kill a bajillion birds with one stone!

What if I told you I had an activity for you that would:

-Save you money.
-Give you a workout.
-Get you a tan.
-Save you money (yes, again.)
-Entertain your dog.
-Potentially find buried treasure.
-Help you deal with your fear of snakes.
- AND Put a smile on your face.

Okay, okay... I'll tell you what it is. Cultivate your own garden (yes you heard me! A REAL garden... not a Farmville one!)

Step One:
Buy one of these from Home Depot:
It costs $22 (here is where you save money the first time, instead of going for the fancy schmancy electric or motorized one, or paying someone to do it!)

Step 2:
Put on your sunscreen. I think doctors would recommend SPF30, but come on, who really gets tan that way?

Step 3:
Find a sunny plot of land in your front or back yard. Maybe a 10x10 area? I've got two 5x15 plots going...

Step 4:
Start tilling! Insert workout and tan here. Also insert scanning the grass like crazy for snakes.

Step 5:
Laugh at your dog as he helps you dig and de-root.

Step 6:
Keep an eye out for buried treasure. All I found was a lousy ear of corn. And not even a real ear of corn... a plastic one! Which is both weird and creepy to me.

Step 7:
Add soil and plant your cute baby vegetable plants that you are just planting now because you just moved into this house! Don't worry... I only planted things that will grow in about 50 days!

Step 8:
Save money (again!) because you don't have to buy produce at the store. $1.00 for a pepper? Or $1.00 for a whole pack of peppers? You do the math. Now I'm wishing they sold pickled peppers and Mark's name was Peter, so I could have said Peter planted a pack of pickled peppers. But I digress...

Step 9:
Smile at your beautiful garden.

So maybe I've only made it to step number 4, but I'll be sure to update you as things progress :)


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