Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Love is in the Air!

Mark and I are getting married in 73 days!!! It's crazy that more than a year ago I was saying "YES!" on Catalina island.

This weekend was our wedding shower... and it was amazing! We are blessed with great family and friends, and I'll be sharing pictures soon.

And with all this wedding stuff going on, it occurred to me... did I ever tell you how Mark and I met? It's hard to believe that 3 1/2 years ago I didn't even know him, and now he's my best friend and helloooo my FIANCE WHO I GET TO MARRY IN LESS THAN THREE MONTHS EXCUSE THE ALL CAPS BUT I'M SO EXCITED.

So picture this: We are in a club called Louie's on South Padre Island. On Spring Break. I know-- not exactly where you think you meet your soulmate but just go with it. Mark's brother spotted us because someone in our group had a Purdue hat on or something.

I don't think Paul reads my blog so it's okay that I'm about to make fun of him. He was all "Hey ladiessss...." in the best pick-up line voice possible. He then began to tell us that his brother, Mark went to Purdue, too. Cue introductions with Mark. Then Paul wandered into the mass of men who were ogling at the half-naked beer models throwing out hats and beads.

But Mark stayed behind. And so we chatted. And I liked him. Sure he was dressed a little dorky (to this day checkered or plaid shirts still give me this opinion) and sure he was fried to a crisp. But I liked him. And so I broke one of my cardinal rules and gave him my number. And we left. The girls teased me about the boy I was flirting with, and I just smiled, never really expecting to see him or hear from him again.

And of course he didn't call the next day. He says now that he thought I was just being nice and giving him my number out of pity-- that I was out of his league. But as luck (fate?) would have it the next night one of the girls just HAD to stop at Long John Silvers for hushpuppies on the way back from another club. And while we were waiting in a line of 29840438 drunk college students... I spotted him as he walked in the door. Mark--only this time without a checkered shirt, and therefor much cuter.

And he was visibly happy to see me again, and so I teased him about not calling. We left separately, but the next day he texted me.

And so we invited them over to our condo the next night, along with some other spring-break goers from Purdue that we had met during the week. I'm trying to make this post as short as possible, so I'll just say that our condo wasn't allowed visitors, and so there were some fake hotel bracelets, some running from the security cards where we got split up, but Mark and Paul still managed to find our room (fate again?) And I was totally into him. Here is our first picture together:
So maybe that deck of cards, and the three cups are the main focus of this picture,
but we are clearly already into each other.  Also note: plaid shirt!
Though it has become my favorite due to sentimental reasons.

He told me about getting in trouble for golfing into the ocean, one time, because the sea turtles will choke on the golf balls (something that to this day he can't believe I was actually listening to.)

I made him his first Lauren-cooked meal. A quesadilla (classic.)

He told me he was a Delt and I immediately changed my outlook on him from sweet to skeptical (he could have been a sleazy frat boy! Good thing I turned out to be wrong!)

He even asked me to move in with him that night. I pretended to think he was joking because only a creeper asks that the first time you hang out. And later he told me that he was in fact dead serious because he thought I was too good to be true. But when I laughed it off, so did he-- he didn't want me thinking he was a crazy or something.

When Mark and Paul left, Mark kissed me on the forehead and I was swooning because seriously who does that? SO SWEET.

We didn't know at this point that three years and seven months later we would be getting married.
Otherwise we probably would have put down our drinks to smile.  
When we got back to Purdue I wanted him to call SO BAD. But of course I wouldn't be the one to call first. The girls teased me some more at practice that Monday, and told me to call. But when I got to my car (cue angels singing!) I had a missed call from Mark and a nervous voicemail asking me out on a date.

We went on a date every night that week. And saw each other at every possible moment after that. I finally got the courage to ask if we were officially "together" three weeks after Spring Break (a total girl thing to do) Mark just laughed and said, "We've been together since the first time I saw you in Padre, haven't we?" Which was exactly what I had been thinking. The rest as they say, is history!
Mark & I at Purdue's Grand Prix (April 2007)
Our first camping trip. (And my first camping trip ever!) April 2007
After our first "I love you" (on that camping trip) April 2007, but that's another story.
So that's it! The story of love at first sight on March 13, in South Padre Island.



  1. I love this...and I was so glad I was there during that!! And, I never teased you ;) I can't believe how long it has been. By the way, I think they were calling names of universities on Spring Break and by chance they called Purdue, we all cheered, and then Mark and Paul found us...but I could be wrong. yay!! Love yall

  2. That is such a sweet story! You should probably start it off with "Once Upon a Time"


  3. Awww! That is so cute! You two are made for each other. Love your first picture together LOL