Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Random Update in Pictures

Don't have a heart attack but I'm blogging two days in a row. I know it's sort of crazy so I'll give you a minute to take it in.

Still with me?


While I haven't been so great about updating my blog, I have been good about taking iPhone pictures about my life. So here's a totally random update on my life... thanks for being a loyal reader :)

First off, when I got onto my blog today the ad that was running was for suspenders. What on Earth did I blog about to have an ad run about suspenders? Just in case you are a new reader I want to be clear: I am NOT and old lady, and my blog is NOT boring enough to warrant an ad about suspenders. That being said, feel free to click on the ad if it interests you because of course, I get paid if you do that. But I'm not really sure I'm actually allowed to say that. So just do it if you WANT to. No pressure. (Click the image below to enlarge the screenshot I took of the ad.)

Here's a picture I took on one of my long drives. I don't know where I was headed. Either to Cleveland or Indy or my parents (any of which is at least 6 hours...) I was trying to capture an awesome sunset storm (the iPhone failed me in this regard) but it did manage to turn the light reflecting of the raindrops into music notes... which I love.

Speaking of driving. Here's a picture I sent to Mark on one of my firsts drives to Cleveland. 

And here's one I sent to him on one of my drives to Cleveland after making about a million long drives (moving... wrapping things up in Indy... wedding stuff at home... etc...) Yay for driving.

I've been cooking a lot. The Pesto Shrimp Mac & Cheese was a big hit. Recipe to come.

I made homemade coasters that are super simple and cost maybe $5.00 for 6. Craft project to come.

We got a King size bed. Which Mark still somehow manages to take over.

King also likes the King bed, and when I can't find him during the day all I need to do is walk upstairs.

I'm obsessed with sunsets through the trees in our backyard. And the firepit we built in it. And when I say we I mean Mark. But I was totally there for moral support.

I'm also now obsessed with Teavana (details to come.)

Last weekend we went fishing. King, like myself refused to get out of bed until the clock read 5:00AM (Mark tried to get us up at 4:30)
But we did manage to get out on the water for a gorgeous sunrise.

Which King really enjoyed.

And King followed Mark everywhere on the boat. Which was hilarious to me, but annoying to Mark.

You'll notice there are no pictures of fish to go along with our fishing excursion. That's because we didn't catch any. 

Okay, I've exhausted my recent iPhone picture collection. I think I'll pull out the "real" camera and keep it handy so the next post like this actually has quality photos.


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