Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fish Smiley: The new "I love you"

A recent text conversation between Rambo and I:

Me: "I miss you. Can't wait for you to come home from work so we can cuddle and watch our shows. Love you."

Rambo's Reply:  " ><(((;> Fish Smiley"

Yes, indeed. That's how he responded to my lovey-dovey text. With a "fish smiley." Did I miss the memo when the "fish smiley" became the new "I love you?" I refuse to ask him where he learned it, because I'm afraid he made it up himself. I'm also afraid to ask him what exactly a "fish smiley" is because I don't like to bring up the topic of fishing unnecessarily, for fear of a long-winded lecture of some aspect of fishing that I won't particularly care for.

Another Update: The picture of the Muskie has made it from the garage inside our house to the front guestroom. It's not hanging up yet, but I think I'm going to lose that battle.

What battle with your significant other have you lost lately?


Monday, September 27, 2010

Pergola of Love

So Rambo and I are building the wedding pergola that we are getting married under. We are building it together. So far we have only accomplished buying and staining the wood for this project. And I know it was totally my idea, but what was I thinking?

Originally I thought it would not only be beautiful but symbolic of our relationship as well: something we built together (like our relationship) that we could be married under (beginning our lives together) that we could put in our backyard and have for the rest of our lives (while we grow old together.)

But now I'm worried that during the ceremony I'm going to be thinking about a.) how many trips we had to take to Home Depot to get the stain color right, b.) the giant spider I accidentally touched with my bare hand because I thought it was a leaf, c.) the giant spiderweb I put my hand through in the process, which I swear I can still feel attached to me two showers later, d.) the jacket I ruined in the process and e.) the constant bickering about the design that Rambo and I have still not finalized.

Come to think of it, I guess if we can get through building something like this together without pulling out each other's hair, than that is really more of an accurate analogy for life, right?


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nashville Bachelorette

Ten reasons why your should visit/have a bachelorette party in Nashville:

1. It's encouraged to wear cowboy hats and boots.
2. They are totally on it when it comes to social media. Foursquare and Twitter specials are everywhere.
3. There's a bartender at the Wild Horse Saloon named Bernie who will teach you how to fold a napkin into inappropriate things.
4. There's a Spaghetti Factory restaurant. Best ever.
5. You'll never have to leave a 2 block radius.
6. Line Dancing. Everywhere.
7. Karaoke. Country karaoke, which is even better.
8. Everyone is super friendly, and with a southern accent, it's adorable.
9. There are cowboys on the streets just walking around. Like REAL cowboys. And people with mullets-- amazing people watching in general.
10. Just trust me. Go with friends, have fun, it's amazing :)

Thanks to everyone who made my bachelorette the BEST!!!

Walking in to an adorably decorated room.

The group from left to right: Leah, Abby, Lainey, Jen, Me, Susan, Kim, Becki and Nicole :)
Opening presents. I blurred out my name-to be but how adorable is this? Perfect because Mark's a project manager. Also ignore the "Pin the Junk on the Hunk" game in the background :)