Saturday, October 30, 2010

I just now figured out that Rambo is creative.

I've officially been married for a week. So far things are working out.

I've known Mark now for about three and a half years... but for some reason I never trusted his creative ability.

Any sort of necessary "arts and crafts" projects I've pulled off on my own because well, Mark is a boy and what could boys know about creativity??

That's why I was skeptical about the whole pergola thing for our wedding. I thought, "Mark's a boy- he wants to be manly and build something but is he really concerned about how it will actually look up there in front of a bajillion* people?"

Well let's see... how do you think our wedding pergola looked?

Amazing right?!

And since I haven't blogged about the wedding I will tell you this: It was perfect. Everything went smoothly. And it was the best day of my entire life. I will bore you with all the details once we have our pictures... but here's two more to tide you over... (those are our ring bearers and flower girl... so cute!)

But back to the point of this blog post-- analyzing Mark's creativity. I should have totally trusted his creative abilities after the pergola turned out amazingly.

But when we went to Walmart on Thursday in search of our non-exsistant Halloween costumes for a party that was happening Friday, I was panicked. This was a work party-- so I wanted to make a good impression-- you know like we actually cared about our costumes. Which I really didn't care about until that moment because hellloooooo we were planning a wedding.

At first we thought we'd be Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Easy enough.

However Mark was convinced he needed to be furry. Like all over furry. So I suggested the rug aisle, where Mark eventually fell in love with this white furry rug. He was holding them up to his body like "Ohhhh this is perfect-- I'll be a polar bear."

And in my head I'm thinking... no way can Rambo turn three furry, white rugs into a polar bear. And then hang on...

"What about me, husband?"

"I don't care, you can be whatever you want. I'm being a polar bear."

Oh no he didn't.

I calmly explained that a day before we needed a costume, my husband of a week was not ditching me with a lame Walmart Lady GaGa costume so he could be a polar bear at one of the first parties where I need to make an impression.

So eventually we noticed the bright pink rugs, and so we compromised... because that's what marriage is all about.

And what's basically the same as a polar bear?

 A Care Bear! And yes, Mark created that costume himself... I think it may have been better than mine...
 He even drew this heart on my nose.

I know. I'm impressed too. We were a total hit. Oh, and also I'm totally copyrighting the pictures above, and this is me telling you so. Because no one but me will be able to blackmail Rambo with these in the future :)

The jury's still out on whether we will be married next week after he figures out I leaked all these pictures on the internet...

Happy Halloween!!

*tiny exaggeration.


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  1. Super super cute!!! Two of the best costumes I've seen all year!

    And I had trouble trusting B on some "motherly" things like knowing what to do when I'm hurt or sick, but I've learned he's totally amazing at it! Husbands can amaze you with their amazingness!! =)