Thursday, October 21, 2010

TWO DAYS and a Wedding Contest!

The big day is in two days. TWO DAYS. It's unbelievable how fast the time flew... I remember when the count was still in the hundreds of days and here we are at two. And I dare say it, but we are pretty much set!

It's been a ridiculously productive week. We've made favors, we've tied a bajillion little bows, we've ribboned bubbles, we made poms (I'll have to give you the DIY tutorial eventually!) And we still have all of our fingers which is a plus.

Oh and when I say we I mean me, my Mom (who mysteriously disappeared when all the boring crafts came along...) and Jennifer (who is a bow-tying, circle-cutting machine.) I couldn't have done it without them. And my Dad with his encouraging words of "that's alot of chattering down there for people who are supposed to be getting things done." And my aunt who told us how eager she was to help only to cut out about twenty circles before having a "phone-dying" dilemma that needed to be dealt with immediately. (Love you Aunt Lisa!)

So yes, this is my way of thanking them... by making fun of them all, it's sort of how it works in my family.

The crazy part is that in two days I will have a new last name. I'll have to refer to my "old" last name as my "maiden name." How crazy is that? 24 years with that last name... I'm going to miss it. At least I have the whole time it will take me to legally change it to adjust which I'm assuming will be somewhere between 6 months and 6 years. That seems about average, right?

And in case you are getting married in the near future... you know those "pre-wedding jitters" people mention?

Well I thought the jitters were directed at the man you are marrying, but I can assure you that no, the jitters in fact come from the stress associated with "oh my god I spent more than a year planning one freaking day. What if I forget the card box? What if the pergola falls over and crushes us? What if someone streaks through our wedding? What if Nicole accidentally spills diet coke on my wedding dress? Insert more crazy, unrealistic possibilities here."

So I though we'd play a little game... you know to make me feel better. Comment below with
1. Advice for a long (happy?) marriage.
2. The worst thing that happened at your wedding or a wedding you've been to. (I'm hoping these will make me laugh and feel better!)

Whatever I deem the best comment... WINS! A little, secret prize :) That may or may not take me a week or two to actually send you.

Read... comment!



  1. Advice for a long/happy marriage: Say one positive thing about each other before you go to bed each night. Even if that person pisses you off that day, it forces you to remember something positive. If he wore matching socks...tell him nice job.

    Worse thing that happened at our wedding? Nothing. Even if something bad does happen, you WILL be the only one to notice. Everyone else will be too busy having fun.

    Lauren, yes you are spending a year of your life planning for just one moment. That moment in time is a baby step into the rest of your life with another person. You will have many more opportunities to "plan" things, such as...well I'll tell you later. Let me just say that you have such an awesome life ahead of you.

    I have to tell you something: A long time ago, back in 1986, I remember visiting my Aunt Kim and Uncle Marty's house so I can meet my new cousin. I remember walking into the main-level room next to the bathroom, down the hall from your kitchen. It's funny because the only thing I remember about the moment I met you is your black umbilical cord still attached to your belly button. I remember that like it was yesterday, and now you're getting married.

    Enjoy every moment because time flies.

    Love you. Kassy

  2. Advice: Mainly for Rambo: A happy wife is a happy life:)

    Worst thing: I was at my cousin's outdoor wedding and everything was perfect. That is until the sky opened up on us and it started pouring!!!!! That wasn't the worst part.... the preacher kept on going!! There was a tent for the reception twenty yards away and he just kept on talking! Finally, my uncle stopped him and we moved over to the tent to finish the ceremony. We were completely soaked the rest of the evening:) And there was no liquor to take care of all of us:) LOL! See you soon! Love you!

  3. Hi Lauren!

    I didn't go to this wedding, but my parents told me about it.

    The groom had a little too much to drink between the ceremony and reception and thought it would be funny to pour a glass of champagne on the bride's head! If I recall correctly, this did not turn out well and they had an argument and the reception ended early! Yikes!

    Can't wait to see you walking down the aisle in a few days!! It's going to be an awesome day no matter what.