Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wedding Gifts

Maybe I'm biased, but I think my wedding was the greatest ever in the whole history of the world. And I plan on boring you with every single little detail of it... one little big at a time. Because it's a free country.

And that's our theme for the day because it's Veteran's Day. My husband is a vet, a Marine in particular. And that's why for my wedding present to him I got him a Marine Sword. It's this fancy thing with engravings all over it (including his name engraved.) and I'm pretty sure I have never given him a present that he was as excited about as this.

We opened our presents the night before the wedding, together. And after Mark opened his he immediately unsheathed it and started sword fighting an imaginary enemy-- sound effects and all, reminding me that in the morning I would indeed be marrying a man who acts like he's six every now and then.

Young at heart is a positive quality, you know.

Oh and the sword also played a part in our wedding-- we cut the cake with it!

Then it was my turn to open... and I'll tell you I had my doubts. Mark is VERY thoughtful, but his thoughts aren't always on the same line as my thoughts-- so the pressure was on. I began opening...

First... a fishing reel and rod- which Mark assured me were a really, really good fishing rod and reel. Better than anything HE even has. And I know what you are thinking-- he basically bought himself a rod and reel, but gave it to me so he could "borrow" it whenever he wanted. But you know what?

You're wrong. Because my amazing rod and reel are PINK. And girly. Which totally proves his love for me because you know he's not going to borrow them when he goes on a man-trip.

Then... a tackle box of my very own-- with all girly colored bait and lures and worms. At which point Mark told me-- "I know we've fished together a few times, but you always use my stuff... I thought this way you have your own and always feel welcome."

Awwwww. Except that may be a nice way of saying "get your paws off my stuff."

And the last part of my gift.... was a necklace-- a round silver pendant with glitz all around the edge that has my NEW initials and our wedding date on the front. And this on the back:

"To my greatest catch. Love, Mark"

Mark has caught some awesome fish--but to call me his greatest catch brought tears to my eyes. I totally picked a winner.w

P.S. Hug and thank a Veteran today-- We live in the home of the free because of the Brave!


  1. Ok. That story makes me believe in fairy tales. :)

  2. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! YOU ARE MARRIED NOW!!! SO FUN!!! You were the most stunning bride and I absolutely cannot wait to see more pictures!!! xoxoxo