Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The many personalities of Sparty

First of all-- yesterday I became a first-time aunt!!!!! I am so excited to welcome baby Claire into the world. She's beautiful and already well on her way to being the most spoiled baby alive, as I just left Babies R Us. I apologize in advance to everyone we Christmas shopped for because baby Claire got wayyyy more than anyone else. It's really hard to leave Babies R Us without spending a fortune on ridiculously adorable things!

But on to my new baby...

Sparty has been with us for about 2 weeks now-- and since he hasn't been eaten by King (it's actually really cute how much they get along,) or strangled by me, he has officially become a part of the family.

Sparty's "real" name is Spartacus-- but we call him Sparty for short. Here's a list of some of his other nicknames:

1. "Farty Sparty"-- this is when he let's a stinker go.
2. "NONONONONONONONONONO!!!!!" this is when I catch him peeing into a vent.
3. "Chunker"- this is when he eats his entire bowl of food 3.2 seconds after I place it in front of him... then he tries to get to King's food (which he is very successful at might I add.)
4. "Nugget"- This is when he's being a sweetie and cuddling.
5. "Spartles"- also a nickname for when he's in cutey pie mode. AKA Asleep.
6. "That's it! We're having you for dinner." For when he chews through part of the tree lights so that the bottom half of our tree is not lit up (I am SO not redoing that!)
7. "Smarty" when he actually sits when instructed. So far this name has only been used once.
8. "Good boy" this is what I imagine we will call Sparty someday. When he's out of the puppy stage. So probably 3 years or so.

Here's some pictures of our little nugget and King:

Santa Paws anyone?


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