Monday, March 7, 2011


What did I dream about last night?

Going to the grocery store. It was nothing special-- just me wandering up and down the aisles getting the stuff that I get in real life.

Which means... I am officially turning in to a Mom, because seriously who else has dreams about just going to the grocery store???

And speaking of turning in to a Mom... it's official that I'm going to be a BOY MOM. Which means between the two dogs, Mark and the baby in my belly that there are 4 pairs of balls in my house. And I'm not talking tennis balls. I need to get a female fish. Or have an entirely pink room somewhere in this house!


Oh boy. Pun intended.

Boys like things like bugs, worms, spiders and snakes. Of which this girl can probably only tolerate butterflies and ladybugs.

Boys do things like eat dirt, pee outside, climb trees and rough house. I've never broken a bone or needed stitches.

Boys don't have the patience for cute outfits. Which is definitely not going to work for me (you should see this kids wardrobe already... and he doesn't even weight a pound yet.)

Don't get me wrong. I can't wait to have this adorable little bundle in my arms, and I feel so blessed that it's a boy. Our own little baby boy.

But I can't teach a boy to pee outside. Or hunt for frogs. Or kill spiders with his bare hands.

Good thing I have Rambo.

But little baby, if you could just be a Mama's boy 5% of the time... I think I'll be happy! Any advice for a first time boy mom??


  1. As a "girl mom" my experience is nonexistant, but I do know you need to be more careful during diaper changes--get those little pee pee covers so you don't end up getting an inadvertant facial while changing him.

  2. Being a mom to an almost 3 year old little boy, you will find that no matter how cool it is to squash bugs, go fishing, or pee standing up with Dad, you will get the biggest hugs, most kisses, and sweetest smiles :)

  3. Yes, but you can teach your little boy how to love a mom and treat girls right and do his hair. We need more good boy-moms in the world!

  4. The pee pee covers (pee pee tee pees) don't work. You will get sprayed, and pooped on. You may even, make him pee on himself as you lift his legs up to slide the diaper under him (sorry mads) You will get puked on every day, and there will be times you won't be able to make him stop crying. But, as you'll see, you will not want to change any of that. Take it from me- the one who always wanted a girl and now can't imagine not having this perfect little boy soul to care for and nurture for the rest of his life. Move closer so they can be on the same t ball team.

  5. I was POSITIVE I would have a girl... my entire life, I was just POSITIVE I was born to be a girl's mama. So of course, I had a boy.

    That boy is turning 9 in a few weeks and he loves to get dirty, he loves to play the drums, he loves to say "fart" and "booger," he loves video games, he doesn't give a crap if his pants match his shirt and gives a heavy sigh if I suggest he change his outfit, he misses the bowl when he pees, he's been through countless "boy" hobbies (Scouts, karate, soccer, basketball, etc),... but he still likes to snuggle on the sofa and watch old cartoons with me, and we dance around the house listening to the Rolling Stones.

    I guess someone out there knew better than me, that I was born to be a boy's mama... and now I like playing in the dirt too!! (so will you) :)