Sunday, March 27, 2011

DIY: Upgrade your Fireplace

We had (have) a long list of to-do's when we moved into our house. What was nice was nothing needed to be done, all are changes we just want to make.

One of these changes? The fireplace.

This picture was taken while we were house hunting and it's the only "before" picture I can find. Please ignore the previous owners huge dog blocking what I'm trying to discuss.

Now the mantle is cool. But there's wood. There's stone. There's shiny gold metal. There's concrete. Are we missing any other materials? I don't think so.

The worst part is the shiny gold metal.

We looked for fireplace covers to replace the shiny gold metal piece. Yea-- the ones we liked were upwards of $1000!

Not in our budget for something that doesn't really need replacing.

So what did we do instead?

Bought a can of flat black spray paint (one meant to be applied to metals.)
Mark removed the shiny piece.
We taped off the glass.
Mark replaced it.
And voila!

Doesn't that look so much better? All for about $5 and a half-hour of work!

What was your quick and inexpensive fix for your home?

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  1. Wow this is beautiful! So is that large picture of the living room. Come to think about it, that is the most I have seen of your house. I have no idea what it looks like, in my head I have a vision of your living in a red or blue house, am I right? I am excited to see the whole thing in September...but not labor day weekend.