Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Etsy Love- Tru.che

So I'm excited about this Etsy shop find for two reasons:

1. The necklaces are adorable. 2. There's a scandal involved.

Isn't that perfect for an Etsy Love post?

Here's a link to the pieces I love from the "A World of Love" collection from the Tru.che shop by Stevie K. on Etsy.

See how cute? (Even though I live in Ohio now, I'll always be and Indiana girl at heart!) Prices range from $55-$60 depending on the state.

And now for the scandal. Last week Tru.che shop owner Stevie K, found similar designs being sold by Urban Outfitters- see her post here. After a little digging, I also found Urban Outfitter's reaction to Stevie K.'s claim. Call me crazy, but usually companies are a little more apologetic in these matters-- but that post is not in the least way diplomatic if you ask me!

And the the similar designs (called the "I Heart Destination" collection by Urban Outfitters) are no longer found on their website... which makes UO seem even more guilty!

It looks like Stevie K is receiving an influx of orders though, due to the little scandal... so I think everything worked out for the best! Long live independent designers and artists!

Which state do you heart?

Have you found or ordered something great from Etsy lately? Or do you have an Etsy shop you think I may be interested in featuring? Email me at Laurealism at gmail dot com!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Etsy Love- Rococco Co

I love Etsy! There are so many great finds, and great shops I could literally spend days looking... which can get a little overwhelming at times. And so I figured... why not share my favorites with you as I come across them? I can tell you ahead of time, that the shops I like are the ones where a great price meets a great item.

My favorite Etsy shop today is called Rococco Co. and I just ordered prints for the baby's nursery from there today! I won't tell you which ones... there will be a nursery post eventually and I'd hate to ruin the surprise! Prints run $10-$12 and you can currently order 3 and get 1 FREE... plus they are free to ship. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Aren't those cute and creative? I love that they are printed on dictionary pages! There are lots of categories, and hundreds of prints ranging from botanical to nautical and loads more. Go check her out!

Have you found or ordered something great from Etsy lately? Or do you have an Etsy shop you think I may be interested in featuring? Email me at Laurealism at gmail dot com I'd love to see your find!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pregnancy Brain

So there's this thing called pregnancy brain. Other's call it Momnesia. And I totally thought it was a myth (or just an excuse for pregnant women.) That is until the last week when I discovered...

I totally have pregnancy brain!

Example A: I stopped at a gas station to fuel up about four days go. I pulled up to the pump, got out of my car, lifted the nozzle and tried to stick it in the gas hole. And it wouldn't fit. So, I was  convinced that a piece of the gas cap had broke off in the gas hole. I tried to pull it out myself, and couldn't get it. I called Mark, and his suggestion was to ask someone inside to help me. So that's what I did. And what does the attendant tell me after he followed me out to my car? I had been using the diesel pump. Clearly labeled on the pump of course. See? Pregnancy brain.

Example B: Yesterday I had a meeting in downtown Indianapolis. Right in Monument Circle. I'm familiar with downtown, but not REALLY familiar. I parked in a nearby parking garage, took note of the floor I was on (7) and went to my meeting. Afterwards I grabbed a sandwich from Potbelly's and began the walk to my car. After making it a block or two I realized that while I took note of which floor I was on, I did not take note of the location of the garage-- what it looked like from the street or even what street it was on for that matter. Do you know how many parking garages there are around the circle? I eventually found the right one simply by going back to where my meeting was, and retracing familiar looking window displays.

In conclusion, this baby is stealing my smarts!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Quote It

I just started reading The Paris Wife by Paula McLain (book love post to come) but thought I'd share at least one quote I love so far. (This author writes beautifully!)

"...And he grinned a grin that began in his eyes and went everywhere at once"


Baby Class

On Wednesday we had our first birthing/baby class. We're taking the Bradley Method course-- because I'm going to attempt to give birth naturally. I'm not crazy or anything-- not a lover of pain, but childbirth is something I just want to experience.

I say that now, but I'm totally allowing myself the option of changing my mind when it comes down to it. I think thats fair.

Anyways, so as we're walking into the class Rambo says to me, "Can you just have the baby already? That way I don't have to go through these classes... it's going to be horrible!" But in his defense, he did pretty well for the first class. He didn't look any more uncomfortable than any of the other dads present, and he didn't make any faces. He even got a laugh when the teacher asked him "Why Bradley" and he answered "Because Lauren said so."

I don't know at what point we will watch a birthing video (I'm sure we will...) but we will see how he holds up during that. I'm almost certain it's going to be blog worthy.

In other pregnancy news, I have absolutely no idea how I am going to get 10 MORE weeks pregnant. I can tell the baby has grown significantly (it seems like just in the last few days) because I am peeing ALL the time. I was never one to get up in the middle of the night, but now I'm feeling my way in the dark, over two furry bodies, two times a night at least! When I whine about it to Rambo, he says "at least the baby's hydrated."

True. But that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Rambo has also made a request for a "healthy 10 pounder." At which point I remind him that the stork doesn't deliver this baby... I do. And so we've altered that request to a "healthy 7 pounder" which seems fair to me.

It's still crazy to think there's a little person in there. But I sure can't wait to meet him!