Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pregnancy Brain

So there's this thing called pregnancy brain. Other's call it Momnesia. And I totally thought it was a myth (or just an excuse for pregnant women.) That is until the last week when I discovered...

I totally have pregnancy brain!

Example A: I stopped at a gas station to fuel up about four days go. I pulled up to the pump, got out of my car, lifted the nozzle and tried to stick it in the gas hole. And it wouldn't fit. So, I was  convinced that a piece of the gas cap had broke off in the gas hole. I tried to pull it out myself, and couldn't get it. I called Mark, and his suggestion was to ask someone inside to help me. So that's what I did. And what does the attendant tell me after he followed me out to my car? I had been using the diesel pump. Clearly labeled on the pump of course. See? Pregnancy brain.

Example B: Yesterday I had a meeting in downtown Indianapolis. Right in Monument Circle. I'm familiar with downtown, but not REALLY familiar. I parked in a nearby parking garage, took note of the floor I was on (7) and went to my meeting. Afterwards I grabbed a sandwich from Potbelly's and began the walk to my car. After making it a block or two I realized that while I took note of which floor I was on, I did not take note of the location of the garage-- what it looked like from the street or even what street it was on for that matter. Do you know how many parking garages there are around the circle? I eventually found the right one simply by going back to where my meeting was, and retracing familiar looking window displays.

In conclusion, this baby is stealing my smarts!


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