Friday, December 16, 2011

Green Present Wrapping Tips

Aaaannnnd we're back.

I love this time of year. Decorating, Holiday Cards, Cookies, and SHOPPING. I love giving gifts, and I double-love wrapping them (is that normal?) So obviously I'm qualified to call myself a professional. Here are some of my secrets to "pro" wrapping-- the first two are GREEN tips, too:
A sampling of this year's gifts!
1. Wrap big to small. If you wrap all of your larger presents first, then medium sized, then small, you can use some of the "scraps" from the bigger boxes to wrap your smaller presents. This will cut down on your wasted paper.

2. "Brown paper packages tied up in string" are SO cute. You can find brown packaging paper in the shipping aisle of places like Target, Wal-mart, etc. There are so many benefits to this.

  • It's super cheap. 1 roll is about three times as much paper as a good sized printed wrapping paper roll. And LESS expensive.
  • It's green. You can find brown wrapping that is made from recycled materials.
  • It's super thick, so it's not hard to save and re-use if you're into that!
  • It gives a uniform look to all of your packages.
3. Wrap your packages in more than one sitting. Trust me, after wrapping 50 boxes, the last one won't be pretty-- I don't care how patient you are! Glass of wine: optional.

4. Don't give in to bagging your presents-- unless it's really big or awkward, or you've run out of boxes! It's so much more fun to open a wrapped gift. EXCEPTION to this rule: Definitely bag the gift if you are going to a large bridal or baby shower (it speeds up the gift opening process-- I didn't learn this until I was trying to speed-open at my own showers, I didn't think anyone wanted to stare at me open gifts for that long!)

5. Save the details for the end. Wrap all at once, and "decorate" all at once. It will save time. Bright colored ribbons and bows look great on brown packaging, and I love the look of bold gift tags (they have a can of 50 right now at Target for $5.00 that I used here.)

Good luck my little elf minions, and happy holidays!


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