Monday, January 23, 2012

Sleeping like a baby

I don't know who coined the term "sleeping like a baby" but I've decided that it's officially only allowed to be used when actually describing a baby. It doesn't count for grown-ups, because NOBODY sleeps like a baby. Because sleeping like a baby is a very complicated phenomenon. It seems to involve sleeping in the most uncomfortable positions through loud situations and somehow not sleeping in the most comfortable situations (or for that matter during normal sleeping hours.)

For example, Henry can fall asleep, sitting up in his highchair with a mouthful of sweet potatoes. However, at 2 AM it seems, its a wide-eyed smiley "I'm up Mom!" baby.

Or he will nap through the dogs barking at the UPS man, (which tends to be a lot of very loud barking) but somehow can't manage to ignore when I step on that stupid squeaky floorboard at 3AM as I try to oh-so-quietly back away from his crib.

One night he can survive on an incredible 4 hours of sleep, with only a few 20 minute naps the next day (which may I add-- I cannot!) and the next night he can miraculously sleep for 7 hours sleep (hallelujah!) with two this-must-be-what-heaven-is-like length naps.

He'll fall asleep in the most uncomfortable position in his jumpy. And of course Mommy wants to save him so he can have a more comfortable nap. But as soon as I touch him, nap time is over.

I'll venture to my own bed, after convincing myself that he MUST be actually sleeping for the night, I haven't heard a peep in 45 minutes. And then LITERALLY the minute my head hits the pillow I hear that little squawk. Clearly this is proof babies are born with ESP.

As a girl I know so aptly put it, "They're not comfortable until your uncomfortable. Their not awake until your asleep. And their not asleep, until it's time for you to get up."

Sometimes I think how great it'd be to be in Henry's situation. Then I remind myself that I WAS at one point-- when my mom did all of this for me. Sheesh I was lucky... that was the life!

But it's sort of funny how when I walk into his room, and see him looking up, recognizing me and smiling at me even though, God only knows what time it is and we've been through this 3 times already tonight, he still manages to melt my heart.

Love you little Henry.


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