Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Boobies Beware its Leap Year!

Happy Leap Year day!

Henry pretty much grew up last night.

After his bath this morning, he was super grouchy when I was combing his hair. He kept trying to grab the comb, so finally I just gave it to him. At which point he started combing his own hair. And I'm not talking the comb accidentally made contact with hair with a random arm movement. He literally spent 5 minutes touching his head all over with the comb.

It was pretty amazing and he did a surprisingly good job.

Then later I randomly felt his gums (I've been doing this every couple of days since he was 4 months old-- convinced that he'd be a early bloomer when it came to his teeth) AND FOUND HIS FIRST TOOTH! Yay for a leap year tooth!

At first I was beyond proud. I called Mark, grandparents, took pictures, texted everyone. My baby grew a tooth all on his own! AMAZING! I know everyone gets teeth, but somehow every little milestone seems so much bigger when it's your own little nugget. I mean if you think about it, Mark and I pretty much invented Henry, so every positive accomplishment I am totally taking credit for. I mean my baby is pretty much the best tooth-grower ever if you ask me. Henry didn't seem to understand my excitement. He's so humble.

Me- "HENRY!!! You have a tooth! Your very first tooth! You're such a big boy! Big boy Henry! I love you I love you I love you."

Henry- "hhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiieeeee. daaaaaaaaaaaa daaaaaaahh."

Me-"I can't believe how big you are! I'm so proud of you growing your first tooth and not even whining about it!"

Henry- "dahhhh daaaaa. hhhhhieeeeyyy hiii dah dah"

Me- "What about MA-MA? Hi MA-MA!"

Henry- "Hieeee. Dahdahdah."

You can just use your imagination to finish up the rest of that conversation. Anyways, after my initial beaming pride, it was time to feed Henry. Ohmygosh feed him. With a tooth. Eep! Suddenly I wished this day would never come. Tooth, please go back in. I look like I'm walking over thin ice now every time I feed Henry. Body tense-- totally aware of every movement. 

"Please don't hurt Mommy," I tell him. He just grins. He totally understands me, he's just not letting on at the moment. Boobies beware.

Tips in the tooth-ful breast-feeding department fully appreciated.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Date Night

My parents were in town this past weekend. And they volunteered to babysit Henry on Saturday so Mark and I could have a date night. Which was exciting for 2 reasons:

1. We never have an extended period of time for just the two of us, let alone an actual DATE.
2. Henry was due to poop, so I was thrilled to escape a stinky diaper.

And date night was great. I only felt like I forgot Henry somewhere two times. And those panicked moments only lasted a second.

We saw Safe House which was pretty good. Really, I would have been happy with anything because I haven't watched a movie in about 6 months where I got to enjoy the whole thing non-stop without pausing or missing part of it.

We ate popcorn. Split a Diet Coke. We even held hands. But it was sort of uncomfortable to hold hands with that armrest, and I couldn't reach the Sour Patch Kids candy with one hand, so that lasted about two minutes and then we went back to being an old married couple in our respective chairs. Date night ended with ice cream. And my date even walked me to the door and good-night kissed me. Perfect.

The only down-side to date night was Henry didn't poop. Apparently he likes to save his stinky diapers for Mommy. Which he proved to me today with THREE poopy diapers. And there were a couple of sneaky grins in there, too. He's smarter than he's letting on... I just know it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cupid Sighting

I spotted Cupid this morning. Lucky for you I was able to snap a picture!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!