Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Boobies Beware its Leap Year!

Happy Leap Year day!

Henry pretty much grew up last night.

After his bath this morning, he was super grouchy when I was combing his hair. He kept trying to grab the comb, so finally I just gave it to him. At which point he started combing his own hair. And I'm not talking the comb accidentally made contact with hair with a random arm movement. He literally spent 5 minutes touching his head all over with the comb.

It was pretty amazing and he did a surprisingly good job.

Then later I randomly felt his gums (I've been doing this every couple of days since he was 4 months old-- convinced that he'd be a early bloomer when it came to his teeth) AND FOUND HIS FIRST TOOTH! Yay for a leap year tooth!

At first I was beyond proud. I called Mark, grandparents, took pictures, texted everyone. My baby grew a tooth all on his own! AMAZING! I know everyone gets teeth, but somehow every little milestone seems so much bigger when it's your own little nugget. I mean if you think about it, Mark and I pretty much invented Henry, so every positive accomplishment I am totally taking credit for. I mean my baby is pretty much the best tooth-grower ever if you ask me. Henry didn't seem to understand my excitement. He's so humble.

Me- "HENRY!!! You have a tooth! Your very first tooth! You're such a big boy! Big boy Henry! I love you I love you I love you."

Henry- "hhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiieeeee. daaaaaaaaaaaa daaaaaaahh."

Me-"I can't believe how big you are! I'm so proud of you growing your first tooth and not even whining about it!"

Henry- "dahhhh daaaaa. hhhhhieeeeyyy hiii dah dah"

Me- "What about MA-MA? Hi MA-MA!"

Henry- "Hieeee. Dahdahdah."

You can just use your imagination to finish up the rest of that conversation. Anyways, after my initial beaming pride, it was time to feed Henry. Ohmygosh feed him. With a tooth. Eep! Suddenly I wished this day would never come. Tooth, please go back in. I look like I'm walking over thin ice now every time I feed Henry. Body tense-- totally aware of every movement. 

"Please don't hurt Mommy," I tell him. He just grins. He totally understands me, he's just not letting on at the moment. Boobies beware.

Tips in the tooth-ful breast-feeding department fully appreciated.


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  1. If he bites, you should to stop the feeding. I was pretty lucky and only got bit a few times. Blood was only drawn once ;)