Friday, April 6, 2012

Henry- 9 months

March got away from me. And now it's April. APRIL! Henry is going on 9 months old and I just can't believe it! Where's the squishy little infant we brought home from the hospital? He's grown into quite the chunky hunk I must say.

9 Month Appointment stats:
Weight 22.3 lbs. (80th percentile)
Height 28.5 in. (60th percentile)
Head: 46.5 inches

Henry likes:
Crawling everywhere. And putting everything in his mouth.

The dogs and everything to do with the dogs. When they whine he smiles, when they bark he laughs, when they lick his face he grabs their head with his little hands and opens his mouth right back (yelch.) I try to stop that last example as often as possible.

Pulling up on things. It's one of his newest feats and he loves showing it off. His favorite game? Pulling himself up on my knees and sort of squealing to get picked up. I pick him up and then he wriggles to get put down. Then we repeat 127 times in a row. You should see these guns!

Eating. Specifically "cookies" (teething biscuits) These are sort of a special treat, and if I try to take one away, I have to be sure to have something else--highly effective to distract him with. We've tried a lot of new foods these past few weeks!

Bath time. Henry loves to splash in the bath. He cries every time I take him out of the bath, so I've started draining the tub while he's in it. Then letting him "play" with the towel until he dries. Then I take him out. It seems to be less traumatizing.

Henry dislikes:

Loud noises. Hair dryer, vacuum, etc. Not included: dog barking.

Sleeping at night. While we've mastered the art of napping during the day, Henry still insists on waking up multiple times throughout the night and has recently taken to a 4:30AM wakeup. It reminds me of my morning practice days! He's never been much of a sleeper. I'll take any miracle tips you have, but so far nothing has worked!

Other than that he is a very happy baby. We are anxiously awaiting an upcoming family vacation (hint: it involves a baby passport-- so cute) and summertime! We'll keep you posted.


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