Thursday, April 26, 2012

Henry's First Hair Cut

Today was a big day. Henry's first hair cut. I knew it was time when Henry was called a "she" for the 10th time. As in, dressed in blue with a dinosaur on his shirt:

"She's so adorable."
"He's a boy, but thank you."

It was time. I guess you know you're a mom when you're nervous for a little haircut. But, babies shouldn't need haircuts, which means Henry must be a big boy now. Which is why the cutting of his "original" locks makes my heart ache.

But, I must admit he looks perfect with his new 'do. And its short enough that we can totally rock the mohawk again. 

When we finished the haircut I was relieved. I saved his baby hair and was convinced that he looked more "manly."

That is until I took him to the front of the salon while Mark was getting his hair cut and a woman who works there approached us:

"She's adorable."

Um, thanks.

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