Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baby's Best Friends

Henry is a total dog-person.

I suppose he didn't have much choice in the matter when he was welcomed into a home with two labs. When you have a personal face cleaner, I suppose it's hard not to like it. But I never expected him to be quite as in love with these dogs as he is.

He crawls all over Sparty. And Sparty doesn't move a muscle. He pulls himself up to the couch where King curls up. And plays with his tail, which of course also seems to be the funniest thing in the word to him.

"Dog" was his first word. It sounds more like "Doh, doh," but he only uses this word when referring to King or Sparty.

And then yesterday when I brought him downstairs, he waved to the dogs. I've been trying to get him to wave for weeks! But, as a dog-person he naturally reserved his first wave for his best buddies. 

Fortunately the road goes both ways and our dogs happen to be "baby-people," too. Sparty LOVES Henry. He constantly kisses him (often these kisses are returned, and I haven't decided how I feel about that yet) and helps him get into trouble. 

King isn't quite as into the baby scene, but he still loves Henry in his own way. I think he's assumed more of a "protector" role, monitoring Henry when he's not napping or barking at our neighbor's horses. He greets him with one or two licks in the morning, and reserves the rest of his charm for meal-times.

Oh yeah, meal-times. Henry has recently learned to share. And by share I mean with his dogs, at mealtimes, also very funny to him:

I'm not sure how I'm going to prevent this from happening, so I guess for now I'll just appreciate the fact that Henry loves his furry brothers.


  1. There's nothing you can do, short of locking the dogs out while Henry eats. I speak from experience. Just think of it like you're improving your kids resistance to germs and it will maybe seem a little less yucky.

  2. The Grandmother in me says "just make sure Henry keeps his fingers intact". Grammy Kim