Monday, October 22, 2012

Henry goes to the Doctor

Today was Henry's 15 month appointment. And it was the first time that he really seemed to know what was going to happen at the end of the visit (shots!) From the second I set him on the table to undress him for the scale he got all squirmy, and wrapped his little Popeye arms around my neck, and wouldn't put his feet down. It would have been adorable if it weren't so heartbreaking.

His stats by the way:

Weight: 93 percentile
Height: 76 percentile
Head: 89 percentile

And at the moment, I tend to take these as a personal accomplishment. For example if we were grading, his weight is clearly an "A." And I take full responsibility for getting his head measurement from the 30th percentile when he was first born to the hefty 89th percentile we are at now. But I was totally okay with that small measurement in the beginning. If you want any measurement to be small at the beginning, that's the one-- they come out head first you know!

Here's a picture that sums up the visit well I think:

He's all, "Mom, I totally know what's going on here, and I am not happy about it."

It broke my heart to hold him down for the FOUR needles he got stuck with today, poor little nugget. So, naturally I rewarded my brave little bear with ice cream afterward, and it was like nothing traumatic ever happened.

And yes okay, I had some of the ice cream. Mommies need a reward when their babies get shots too, ya know.

And in case you have any interest in watching a baby feed himself ice cream:


  1. That's why you let him feed himself! Too cute!

  2. The pic at the doc's office is the cutest and most heart-string-pulling photo!