Monday, October 8, 2012

I waited 22 years...

I had the opportunity to give a little speech at my brother's rehearsal dinner last weekend, and I thought I'd post something similar here... just to make it official.

Sometime after my brother, Ian and Jen started dating, Jen was getting ready to meet the whole family. She met my youngest brother, David first and asked him, "What should I do to make sure I get the approval from your parents?"

David replied:

"My Mom will like you, she likes pretty much everyone. My Dad is a little tougher: don't say "like" a lot, don't wear ripped jeans, don't chew gum and wear a belt."

Jen probably had a moment where she thought, this should be a piece of cake.

David continued:

"Really you have to worry about my sister. She's more picky about the girls we date."

And he's absolutely right. I am very picky about the girls my brother date.

After this was brought to my attention, I thought to myself... why? Why do I care so much about the girls my brothers date? And I came up with two reasons:

1. I want my brothers to be happy. And since I've known them for as long as they've known themselves, I obviously know what-- and who-- is best for them. Of course being the oldest, I'm also naturally smarter, so I know them better than they know themselves which makes it easier for me to know whats best for them.

2. The second reason is a little more complicated. It all goes back to November 1990. My parents went to the hospital and told me they'd be back with my little brother or little sister. I specifically asked for a sister. But I must not have made this request loud enough because they came back with David. Another little brother.

Don't get me wrong, I had a great experience growing up with my brothers and I totally made the best of it. David (the poor guy) certainly had his share of drag shows as a kid, as I attempted to treat him like the sister I never had.

But I never had that sister. Someone to share clothes with, trade gossip, play dolls...

Which is the second reason why I am so picky about the girls my brothers date-- these are potential sister candidates. And I have to leave this choice up to the discretion of my brothers, so OF COURSE I am going to put my two cents in.

Long story short, I owe Ian a huge, huge thank you for picking me out a perfect sister. She may not have officially arrived until September 29, 2012, but she was totally worth the wait. And I had an absolutely fantastic time last weekend at their wedding.

Welcome to the family, Jen! When should I bring my Barbies over?

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