Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The ABCs of Motherhood

Here's my list... what's on yours?

Ask questions. This will spark conversations early, and should pay off when he's a young adult.

Be attentive. That's a little person there, and you are his world.

Cover those boy parts on diaper changes. Or don't and learn the hard way (in which case you want to make sure your mouth is closed)

Dance. Your baby will learn early and you'll have a dancing partner for life.

Energy. You'll need it. I recommend Dunkin' Donuts.

Find a good park. I recommend that it's fenced in, that way you can relax at least a little bit.

Google and Grandmas. You can answer any child-related question between the two.

Hand sanitizer is key.

If all is quiet, grab your camera and go find your child. There is sure to be a mess that will (someday) seem hilarious.

Just pretend like you know what you're doing. You'll catch on quickly.

Kiss their cheeks as often as you can. They may try to run away, in which case you need to catch them, tickle them and kiss them some more.

Laugh often. This child learns from you.

Make them laugh. Baby giggles are particularly entertaining.

Never wake a sleeping baby. He may look uncomfortable, but touch him and he may never sleep again.

Own a dog. He'll have a pal for life and it makes meal-time clean up a lot easier.

Play with him. Legos, puzzles, or spin until you fall. Whatever it is, play along!

Quiet time. During nap time, take at least 20 minutes of "me time" doing something you enjoy.

Read to him everyday. A love of reading will take him on all sorts of adventures.

Smile often.

Tell them you love them at least twenty times a day.

Understanding. Remember, you were a kid who drew on the walls once too.

Value their opinion. Sometimes even toddlers can see things clearer than adults.

Words are a window to their world, so use words that you want your children to use and stay positive!

X-ray vision. You automatically gain this when you become a Mom. Great for seeing what mischief they are getting into in their room.

You'll never pee alone again.

Zoom, zoom. Brush up on your animal and vehicle sounds. Dads usually come in handy here.

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