Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reinbeer

I'm super excited about how adorable this project turned out. What a great gift for any hard to shop for men in your life! You can also make these for kids on soda bottles like root been or cream soda. Or a wine bottle for your favorite hostess. Maybe we will even leave some for Santa!

The possibilites are endless.
All you need are googly eyes, red poofs (is there a real name for those things?) and brown pipe cleaners-- I got all of these from Hobby Lobby for under $5 (enough supplies for more than three 6-packs!) I used elmer's to attach the eyes and noses, and just wrapped the pipe cleaners around the caps to the bottles. Tip-- lay the reindeers on their "backs" when while you let their eyes and nose dry!

What's your favorite holiday craft this season?

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