Thursday, January 24, 2013

One Point Five

Dear Henry,

Last week was your half birthday, making you officially one and a half! We celebrated with a giant sink full of ice cream and a bunch of your friends. I have seen so many changes in you in the past few weeks. In short-- you are amazing. Let's recap:

It constantly appears that you are on sort of mission. Opening and closing doors, dumping out boxes of toys, moving the dog food piece by piece into the cupcake tin (among other undisclosed places, I'm sure... including your diaper.)

On your half birthday last week, you reached a couple of milestones: pooping in the bathtub and drawing on the walls.

You have 11 teeth at the moment with three more on their way. Everyday you are more and more talkative.

Current word list: Dada, Mom (always said louder than the rest of your words, as if you were 7 year old trying to get my attention "MOM!") Hi, Dog (anything even remotely resembling a dog) Cheese, Fish, All done, This, Up, Hat and Hot. You still sign for more and when you are hungry or thirsty.

At your 1.5 year check up you were:
28.1lbs (91%ile)
33.25in (78%ile)
49cm-head circ (89%)
You also hugged the nurse after she gave you a shot. Sort of like you were saying, "I know this is tough for you, too."

So you have a big head and chubby everything which is exactly how I like it.

You know where you belly and tootsies are, and occasional, your nose. You thump your chest when you see a gorilla or monkey and you can howl like wolf.

Two days ago you amazed me by showing me where all these little pieces go in a peekaboo puzzle.

You are obsessed with King and Sparty. You share all of your meals with them and constantly bring them pieces of dog food throughout the day, when you aren't trying to sneak a bite yourself.

Your favorite food changes every day, so it's hard to keep up-- though cheese, PB&J and green beans have been pretty constant.

At naptime and bedtime you bring me book after book after book and then want "up" on my lap so I can read to you. And I love, love these moments.

Everywhere we go, you attract little girls. At the library yesterday you had a cute little brunette following you around, you'd get really close to her, say "Hi" and grin, and make her giggle. You are lucky you are cute, young man.

You can stomp, spin and just sort of got the hang of jumping.

You love your Daddy.

Bathtime is your favorite.

You love being tickled until you are out of breathe. Then you take a few deep breathes and run back for more.

You take things very seriously, but that when I catch your eye, you've always got a little half grin waiting for me.

I am SO enjoying watching you as a toddler, it's amazing how much you learn every day!

I love you so much Henry. There are so many of these little moments I want to remember, you make me smile and laugh every single day. Stay amazing. Smoochie. Smoochie. Smoochie.



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  1. This is such a sweet post Lauren - he will love being able to read this when he gets older ... once he gets over the embarassment of pooping in the tub :)