Saturday, February 9, 2013

I'll show you winter

This past week I worked for a couple of days in Nashville. As I made the drive down from Chicago I watched the thermometer go from 25 degrees up to 45.

I pretty much stayed "indoors" in the beautiful Opryland Resort for most of my trip, but I did venture out for a meeting.

It was 65 degrees and sunny. The valet guys were wearing winter coats. I wanted to kick them. If I had brought my suit I'm pretty sure I could have handled laying out. That's what Northern winters will do to you.

And it got me to thinking... isn't it funny how quickly we adjust to weather? The first spring-like day thats 50 degrees and I'm all tank top and flip flops.

But in the summer, the first fall like day of 60 and all of a sudden I'm pulling out my winter coat.

I met one gentleman from Nashville, who told me he loved living there. "It's beautiful, everyone's friendly, and you get all four seasons."

I sort of smiled and nodded but in my head I was sort of like which four seasons are those? Summer, Post-Summer, Halfway to Summer, and Pre-Summer? My cold-blooded heart just can't understand.

Then on my way home I drove through a blizzard. Not as bad as Nemo in the Northeast, but bad none the less. It took me 4 hours to drive what normally takes less than 2. Maybe 8 inches of snow in 3 hours? Very pretty-- but not fun if you had to leave the house.

And I found myself wishing this particular gentleman was with me, so I could show him what "winter" is really supposed to be like. Or I could send him to good old Chardon and let him experience what its like to live in a snow globe (that's how I felt when I lived there, it literally snowed all the time.) But I wouldn't send him straight into Nemo, warm-blooded beings like that need to ease into these things.

This is winter folks*

*Yes, there is probably someone in Alaska, or the Antarctic laughing at me, saying-- "If she thinks she knows winter, she should take a trip here."


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