Friday, June 14, 2013

Book Love: Life After Life

I adore historical fiction. But I hadn't read anything lately that rocked my world, until I picked up Life After Life: A Novel last week (thanks for the recommendation, Beth!)

Imagine being able to live your life over and over until you got it right, with only the faintest sense that you were doing so. Déjà vu anyone?

Well that's the case with Ursula, the character Life after Life centers around, and even though you have the chance to live life with her again and again, she will still manage to surprise you, and at times break your heart.

"Ursula craved solitude but she hated loneliness, 
a conundrum that she couldn’t even begin to solve." 

In fact this was one of those rare books that I had to put down for awhile after a particular chapter because I was so upset at Ursula. That's good writing folks.

"Sylvie’s knowledge, like Izzie, was random yet far-ranging, 
‘The sign that one has acquired one’s learning from reading novels 
rather than an education…" 

This story unfolds through both world wars (historical!) with a cast of characters you'll undoubtedly love. And Atkinson rewrites history through Ursula's actions (if only!)

"He was born a politician.
No, Ursula thought, he was born a baby, like everyone else. 
And this is what he has chosen to become." 

If you like historical fiction, and the idea of reincarnation intrigues you, I definitely recommend adding this one to your summer reading list.

What else do you plan on reading this summer? Here are some of my all time favorite historical fiction recommendations, if you're looking for inspiration:

The Historian

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