Wednesday, June 5, 2013

He only makes boys

In 2009, Mark and I were living in sin in our first apartment blissfully unaware of just how wonderfully crazy our lives would become over the next four years.

On this particular evening we were watching one of those ridiculous survival shows, by no choice of mine, where two men are dropped of in the middle of no-where and had to find their way back to safety. You know, in case you fall out of a helicopter in the middle of the jungle and survive. You have to be prepared for these types of situations.

In this particular episode, two men were sitting around a fire getting to know each other while they dined on bugs, or turtle-- my memory is foggy on this part. And one man says to the other, "Have any kids?"

The second responds, "Yep... four."

The first to the second, "Wow, what's the breakdown, boys or girls?"

The second replies matter-of-factly, "I only make boys."

Mark laughed and repeated the phrase. I could tell he'd added a new life goal to his list.

Which I was fine with-- I could totally be a mom of boys. But I thought if he said it too many times, Karma would teach him a lesson and send him all girls.

King and Sparty came along. Mark tried to use the "I only make boys" about the dogs. I was quick to remind him that we purposefully sought out boys. He played no part in the making...

All the signs told us Henry would be a girl. His heart rate, his conception date, even that Chinese calendar thing. Girl, girl, girl. But sure enough, after our 18 week ultra-sound, Mark could still say it: He only made boys.

And this pregnancy. I was oh-so-sick in the first trimester. A complete turnaround from my pregnancy with Henry. This must be what a girl feels like, I told Mark. Though deep down my instinct told me one thing.

He still only makes boys.

And it's true. We found out a few weeks ago that we will be welcoming another bouncing baby boy into our household this October.
Looking at boy parts.
People always ask, "Is that what you wanted?" The short answer: YES. The long answer: I would have been thrilled to buy girly things. But, Henry is getting a brother. I love, love, love the thought of two brothers. They can be two best buds who get dirty, run around and make noise. They can smash spiders for mommy, share a room, go fishing with Daddy and he can teach them the fine art of tinkering. Mark will also have someone to finally share his love of all things Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's going to be that heart-bursting happy kind of adorable.

So, this October the ratios of balls to boobs in our home will be 10:2, including the dogs. And I can't wait.

Boy-Mom tips welcomed.

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  1. Welcome!! oh the world of boys is fun....dirty, slimey and creepy crawly but I would gladly take that over the hormone filled escapades of a girl anyday!!! so excited for you guys!!