Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Book Love: The Curious Incident

I've long been a lover of books that are written from a child-like perspective. Therefore, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon definitely stuck with me after I finished reading it.

The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.

Written from the perspective of what we can assume is an autistic teenage boy, this is a story of Christopher's quest to investigate the death of a neighborhood dog. Throughout his journey, we find him pushing his limits, and we find ourselves falling in love with his simple character.

I like when it rains hard. 
It sounds like white noise everywhere, 
which is like silence, but not empty.

Though Christopher tells us, "This will not be a funny book." We can still manage to find humor in his predicaments. This book will make you think, make you laugh, and if you are a sap like me (or pregnant?) probably make you cry as well. A book with such depth of emotions is always a good read, isn't it?

I like dogs. 
You always know what a dog is thinking. 
It has four moods. Happy, sad, cross and concentrating. 
Also dogs are faithful and they do not tell lies because they cannot talk.

Be sure to add The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time to your summer reading list. It's a quick, easy read but also manages to be thought-provoking.

What's on your summer reading list?

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Monday, July 15, 2013

A 2-year old noise with dirt on it

I don't know when it happened. But sometime over the past few weeks my sweet little nugget of a baby turned into a little boy.


boy, n.
1. A noise with dirt on it

All of sudden his world revolves around cars, dump trucks, and choo-choos. He prefers water from the hose, brushes himself off after a skinned knee, and finds things funny all on his own.

He's a little boy. Not my little baby anymore. This simultaneously brings me great happiness, and breaks my heart.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Henry. I look forward to watching you grow up even more, but please feel free to take your time, okay?

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Choo! Choo! Henry's 2!

We had a blast yesterday at Henry's 2nd birthday party. Here's a quick collage of how things went!
Click image to enlarge.
I had a lot of fun putting together all the decorations for Henry's special day. A special thanks to my Mom who put a lot of time and effort into everything! And a shout out to my awesome cousin, Cari who did Henry's amazing train cakes.

Thanks for everyone who was able to help us celebrate!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Unexpected Happiness

There are things that you expect out of parenthood. For example, you might expect that your child would have a slight temper tantrum when you won't give him a piece of candy out of the candy jar.

But then there are oh so many things, that of course, are unexpected. The tantrum you might endure, for example, when you insist that your 2 year old wear at least a diaper while he plays outside. You really aren't being unreasonable here, are you?

So, you might expect just how happy your little one makes you. Every accomplishment, every smile, every laugh. You'll find joy everywhere with this little one in your life, and that happiness is nothing short of wonderful.

You may not expect, however, just how happy your little one makes everyone else.

There's the man at the grocery store who is stuck walking behind you, for example. "Sorry," you apologize as you walk the one and only speed your toddler's feet can manage. "It's no problem at all," he smiles, "I've been there, enjoy it."

There's the adorable elderly couple at Dunkin' Donuts. They smile when they see him. "Wonderful manners," they compliment, because on this particular day your toddler decides wiping his face and hands with a napkin in between bites of a sprinkled donut is the perfect game.  "He has his moments," you tell them. Though at this particular moment, you can't seem to recall any bad manners ever. "He really is great, isn't he?" you think to yourself.

The woman at the park.

The check-out girl at Target.

The young man at the library.

You'll find them everywhere you go. Simply the presence of your little one will bring happiness to strangers, and therefore further happiness to you. Whether these strangers are being nostalgic for the past, hopeful for their future, or laughing to themselves at an inside joke that as a new parent you're just beginning to understand... your little nugget, has caused these strangers to smile.

So of course let your little one bring you happiness. But don't forget to notice the happiness he brings to everyone around you, as well. He's completely unaware he's making the world a better place just by being in it, but he's well on his way to understanding joy, and suddenly, so are you.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth (King!)

Today is my first baby, King baby's, golden birthday. 
Happy 4th birthday, King!

A safe and happy Fourth of July to all of you!

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Book Love: The Fault in Our Stars

I have been quite the bookworm lately (mostly because I could stay up late reading last week with the light on, which drives Mark crazy when he's home.) I have A LOT of great recommendations for you... but I wanted to start with the wonderful book I finished last night.

"... I could hear his crooked smile..."

I totally woke up with a great-book-hangover this morning. What's a book hangover, you ask? It's when you stay up way too late finishing a book you just can't put down. The hangover is even worse if it's a book that you can barely read because of the tears streaming down your face. In a good way.

"As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: 
slowly, and then all at once."

I have this theory that the better a book is, the uglier you look reading it, and that was the case last night, as I tried to hold back my sobs. I'm sure this whole being pregnant thing didn't help.

"I believe the universe wants to be noticed."

This particular hangover-inducing book? The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It's honest. It's hilarious. It's heartbreakingly beautiful.

"It seemed like forever ago,
like we'd had this brief but still infinite forever.
Some infinites are bigger than other infinities."

It's odd, John Green's online presence is more of a funny one (note: this 4th of July inspired post.) So the way this book is beautifully written is a little unexpected. But I also have this theory that the funnier you are capable of being, the more insightful of a person you are in life.

"The real heroes anyway aren't the peopel doing things;
the real heroes are the people NOTICING things,
paying attention."

Details: The book is about Hazel, a 16-year old diagnosed with terminal cancer who meets her soulmate, Augustus in her cancer support group. The two tackle the big questions about life, death, love and happiness with the raw honesty one seems only to have when faced with their own mortality.

"My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations."

If you haven't read it, be sure to add The Fault in Our Stars to your summer reading list. You won't be disappointed.

"What a slut time is.
She screws everybody."

And really, why didn't anyone tell me to read this one sooner? It's been our for a year, and on my to-read list for awhile, but I disappointed that no one said to me, "Seriously, read this NOW."

"Grief does not change you, Hazel.
It reveals you."

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