Thursday, August 29, 2013

A 2-minute Chat: Photography & Little Boys

Let's talk for a minute about how absolutely adorable Henry is (see below photos,) and how fast he's growing up. Yesterday he try to put a little bead IN HIS NOSE. I watched him pick it up between his little fingers, examine it, and then put it in his nostril. As if that was where it naturally belonged. The bead was from a monkey who unfortunately lost his leg in a battle with Spartacus the dog. And don't worry, it came out with one little blow. But, I'm pretty sure the second you try to put something in your nose, it officially qualifies you as a toddler. Or a little boy.

Let's talk for another minute about Kayla at Full Bloom Photography and how much I love her. She has been photographing Henry since his first newborn session, and all along the way.

How did time fly this quickly?

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Like a Kid at Christmas

I've been meaning to put this picture up for some time since Henry's birthday. Basically, Henry had no interest in opening his presents on his 2nd birthday, so Mark and I helped. The picture my brother captured still cracks me up... I guess a Tonka Dump Truck is just what my husband has always wanted.

You can't get much more excited than that!

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Monday, August 19, 2013


Henry's getting promoted to big brother in about 7 weeks (sheesh-- time flies!) This week the baby is about the size of a pineapple, and according to my weekly pregnancy progress email is also losing that "alien-look." (How reassuring.) Anyways, I thought this pineapple tank was appropriate.

I just wanted to update you a little bit on this pregnancy, as it has been entirely different that my pregnancy with Henry. Which is why I won't believe 100% that Mark only makes boys until this one pops out and I can see it with my very own eyes.

With Henry nothing sounded appetizing, but with baby #2 I got an idea of the full effects of morning sickness. If I didn't get enough sleep: I'd gag. If I saw someone who in my opinion looked like they needed a shower: I'd gag. If I walked into a place that seemed dirty: I'd gag. It was like all of my emotions and senses somehow became tied into my gag reflex. Thankfully that dwindled a few weeks after the first trimester.

I couldn't think about or look at chicken the entire time I was pregnant with Henry. This time around, chicken didn't seem so bad, at least after the first trimester. With Henry, all I could initially stomach was bread and cheese, followed later in the pregnancy by anything sweet. Any sort of veggie was disgusting. This time around its salty, and I want green vegetables EVERY day. There were days earlier in the pregnancy where I would just eat a giant bowl of broccoli for dinner.

I haven't been much for cravings during my pregnancies. But with both, once I get something in my head that sounds yummy, I literally cannot stop thinking about it until I can eat it. Examples have been: wedge salad, toasted bagel with strawberry cream cheese from Dunkin Donuts and Pad-thai.

This pregnancy has drained all of my energy (I know this could be in part to the fact that I am now chasing a toddler around, who seems to have endless energy.)

I can't remember exactly how often Henry kicked and wiggled around inside of me when I was pregnant with him, but this child definitely has much more violent movements. Every time I lay down, I can see my stomach jumping around (not to mention feel it.) And on a few occasions he has kicked (punched?) me so hard I've actually cried out. I think he may be planning an escape. Which I am so not ready for... so please baby, stay cozy in there!

So if we are comparing pregnancies, this baby seems like it might be a little more trouble than his big brother. But we can't wait to meet this baby boy and introduce Henry to his new little brother!

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Friday, August 16, 2013

It's all happening...

So, sometimes I get sort of superstitious. I don't always share exactly what's going on because I'm afraid my saying it out loud (or in this case posting it publicly on the internet) will somehow curse it to not come true.

The last few weeks have been a giant ball of stress, but I can now say that every second was worth it because WE BOUGHT OUR FOREVER HOME!

I say forever home because I am literally NEVER MOVING AGAIN. If some unforeseen circumstance arises where we do have to move, I am leaving everything here and starting from scratch because really...


I shouldn't complain too much. I got out of all the heavy lifting by being pregnant. At one point my husband looked at me and nodded toward my stomach saying, "You did this on purpose, didn't you?" (I think he was momentarily forgetting just exactly how this child will make it into this world, but I let it slide because he did do A LOT of work.)

I want to post a million pictures and shout to the world how much I love our new home, but frankly I'm ashamed of the number of totes and boxes we still have to sort through. But perhaps as each room comes along, I will post a photo or two... it's all very exciting.

My deadline to unpack is when this baby arrives, so we have a bit under 8 weeks... which, I imagine, is going to go by very quickly.

Wish us luck!

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