Thursday, August 29, 2013

A 2-minute Chat: Photography & Little Boys

Let's talk for a minute about how absolutely adorable Henry is (see below photos,) and how fast he's growing up. Yesterday he try to put a little bead IN HIS NOSE. I watched him pick it up between his little fingers, examine it, and then put it in his nostril. As if that was where it naturally belonged. The bead was from a monkey who unfortunately lost his leg in a battle with Spartacus the dog. And don't worry, it came out with one little blow. But, I'm pretty sure the second you try to put something in your nose, it officially qualifies you as a toddler. Or a little boy.

Let's talk for another minute about Kayla at Full Bloom Photography and how much I love her. She has been photographing Henry since his first newborn session, and all along the way.

How did time fly this quickly?

 photo postdividerarrow_zpse2e76c02.jpg

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