Monday, August 19, 2013


Henry's getting promoted to big brother in about 7 weeks (sheesh-- time flies!) This week the baby is about the size of a pineapple, and according to my weekly pregnancy progress email is also losing that "alien-look." (How reassuring.) Anyways, I thought this pineapple tank was appropriate.

I just wanted to update you a little bit on this pregnancy, as it has been entirely different that my pregnancy with Henry. Which is why I won't believe 100% that Mark only makes boys until this one pops out and I can see it with my very own eyes.

With Henry nothing sounded appetizing, but with baby #2 I got an idea of the full effects of morning sickness. If I didn't get enough sleep: I'd gag. If I saw someone who in my opinion looked like they needed a shower: I'd gag. If I walked into a place that seemed dirty: I'd gag. It was like all of my emotions and senses somehow became tied into my gag reflex. Thankfully that dwindled a few weeks after the first trimester.

I couldn't think about or look at chicken the entire time I was pregnant with Henry. This time around, chicken didn't seem so bad, at least after the first trimester. With Henry, all I could initially stomach was bread and cheese, followed later in the pregnancy by anything sweet. Any sort of veggie was disgusting. This time around its salty, and I want green vegetables EVERY day. There were days earlier in the pregnancy where I would just eat a giant bowl of broccoli for dinner.

I haven't been much for cravings during my pregnancies. But with both, once I get something in my head that sounds yummy, I literally cannot stop thinking about it until I can eat it. Examples have been: wedge salad, toasted bagel with strawberry cream cheese from Dunkin Donuts and Pad-thai.

This pregnancy has drained all of my energy (I know this could be in part to the fact that I am now chasing a toddler around, who seems to have endless energy.)

I can't remember exactly how often Henry kicked and wiggled around inside of me when I was pregnant with him, but this child definitely has much more violent movements. Every time I lay down, I can see my stomach jumping around (not to mention feel it.) And on a few occasions he has kicked (punched?) me so hard I've actually cried out. I think he may be planning an escape. Which I am so not ready for... so please baby, stay cozy in there!

So if we are comparing pregnancies, this baby seems like it might be a little more trouble than his big brother. But we can't wait to meet this baby boy and introduce Henry to his new little brother!

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